Conquer your fears

In the back lanes of our neighbourhood existed a small Marsh. There was a pond that ran through it. It was here when I tried to learn swimming. You see, we didn’t have a pool in the school. The only school that had a pool was Tyndale Biscoe-Mallinson. Within no time the pond became dirty as houses kept on building around it. From a fresh pond it became a sewage fit only for mosquitoes to live on. Some genius of a man had to put two electricity poles for passers-by and cyclists as this pond was also a shortcut to Soura. Continue reading


Death of Jimmy Anderson

Years ago in our neighbourhood, many small cricket teams had sprouted up. More than the in-field antics the outfield theatrics would be prioritised. The bats should be from a particular brand or should have a particular logo (aka Malik) or the uniforms. The uniforms were a big element of the team branding. It served as a recognition and would give their team a psychological edge over others. For example the team wearing Australian jerseys was seen as a good team. None of them would want to have to have the same clichéd green jersey.

In the England team which often blamed their lose on one player who didn’t pray Fajr  This team’s bowling was spearheaded by Javed, famously known as Jimmy Anderson after the lanky English bowler. He had the same run up, and same side on action. He would swing it like his rolemodel speedster. Continue reading