Azaadi: Revolutionary Anthem of Kashmir

Assi khoon dyut na? Azaadi
assi yaar dit na? Azaadi
lakchaar dyut na? Azaadi
garre baar dyut na ? Azaadi
gam khaar dit na? Azaadi
teilli kyaazi yee ne? Azaadi
dil ti jaan dyut na? Azaadi
dil daar dit na? Azaadi
zuw jaan dyut na? Azaadi
madanwaar dit na? Azaadi
shuir paan dyut na? Azaadi
baar baar dyut na? Azaadi
dil-jigar dyut na? AZADI
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Kashmiris protesting for Gaza in Srinagar July 2014

Solidarity with Gaza| Bigheartedness vs Halfheartedness

Some four years ago, when I left Kashmir, I met a Palestinian for the first time in my life. I grew up hearing with Palestine and Al Aqsa, sometimes in protests or sometimes from the elders. I was fascinated with Gaza, which had become a metaphor for resistance. There were many places given sobriquets of Gaza of Kashmir, like the Old City and Maisuma.


Mir Suhail's cartoon on Kashmiris solidarity with Palestine.

Mir Suhail’s cartoon on Kashmiris solidarity with Palestine.

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June 11: I was reborn

There are some dates in your life that you’ll always remember. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, marriage and the day when the loved ones pass away. Dates have memories embedded in them, in the hours that struck and the minutes that go by. Moments that becomes anecdotes of the stories of life that are shared with friends, family and the children. Moments make up the elements of your lifetime.

I was born in the turbulent times of the 1990s on a snowstorm that had engulfed the bloody streets in a thick sheet of snow. The city had come to standstill in a curfew after the rebels had announced their resolve to fight the Indian Occupation. Unaware of conflicts and occupation though I was born free but caught in checkpoints and concertina wires. Life didn’t seem hard that time. But now that I think of it, it was no life but a survival.

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