Legends: Moses’s grave in Kashmir

Around six hundred years back, history says, that the great Kashmiri saint Hazrat Makhdoom visited this place along with his close disciple Baba Dawood Khaki. On reaching Bandipore, then called Bethpoer he said “I find smell of the presence of some prophet nearby”. Then he climbed to this village, reached near this nallah and told Khaki, yes it has to be somewhere here. Then a great local saint Khalifa Noroz came and told Makhdoom about the presence of Moses’ grave.

Offer Letter to the Indian Soldiers

Dear Indian soldier,

You have been posted to Srinagar as the symbol of our strength to maintain the occupation in Kashmir. You’ll be directed to the world’s largest military cantonment Badami Bagh. Here you’ll be instructed about your new licence i.e AFSPA that allows you to kill at will for sport or when you get scared. Continue reading

Damn! NDTV gets an Emmy for its shitty Kashmir reportage?

An Emmy nomination for constant dehumanising and hijacking of narratives of Kashmiris by NDTV — the godfather of self-proclaimed liberal Indian media is an insult to Kashmir.

Courtesy: Mir Suhail/Kashmir Reader

Apart from the constant killings, detentions and denial of right to self determination, Kashmiris are victimised by another major Indian force: the Indian Media.

Misrepresentations and sensationalist hues in complete disregard to our history, our struggle and our narrative is an oft repeated habit of the Indian media. Indian anchors spearheaded by Indian military’s poster-girl Barkha Dutt have constantly demeaned Kashmir struggle as a consequence of ‘misgovernance’ and ‘manifestation of anger’. Continue reading

English – Kashmiri Dictionaries

Update: Found a better version of English – Kashmiri dictionary. Easy to use and well explained. Click Here

This is a remarkable work by  William Jackson Elmslie, a medical missionary for the Church Mission House in 1872 who later established the first western-education school in Kashmir which is now known as the Tyndale-Biscoe School.

You can download the pdf file and share the knowledge.

Download The Dictionary of Kashmiri Language