Born in a curfew, in a snowstorm

2 AM
31st of December 1990

Her soft cries are turning into loud screams. Her father tells her mother, “Wat yi bistar” (put the sleeping mattress away). Her mother holds her head, “Khuday kare sahal” (God will make it easy for you, the father is deeply engrossed in reciting from the Quran. Her other cousins come in with their parents.ย  Continue reading “Born in a curfew, in a snowstorm”


Made in Kashmir: Power

Episode 2: “Neither do the politicians or the electricity poles have power in Kashmir.”

Artwork: Suhail Naqshbandi

Music: WithKashmir by Chinaar Kashmir Subscribe to their channel.


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Zฤ“ Laฤh tฤ“ Zฤ“ Aฤ“ฤh

Scene 1

Faris Meer wakes up to the sudden rush of the morning sunlight. Winters in Kashmir are depressing. But at least in summer, the sunlight offers occasional distraction, like Prozac or curfews with everyday death count. Meer’s attempts to snooze, are put to defeat by his mother’s calls to come for breakfast. He throws his smelly blanket off, the iodine off his bandages had smeared it. He looks up at the roof of his room, contemplating about his plans for the day. These days, he is contemplating a lot about his plans for the day. You see, he is blinded in his right eye. Continue reading “Zฤ“ Laฤh tฤ“ Zฤ“ Aฤ“ฤh”

Mythbusters: What is the official map of #Kashmir?

Ever wondered, what is the official map of Jammu Kashmir?

Often this question comes up, where is Kashmir. How big is it?

It’s quite big.

Kashmir as a country

Its size measures about to 222,236 square kilometres. If United Kashmir was a country, it would be larger than at least 168 countries in the world. Its current size puts it at the 86th number.

And would have more population that would make it the 64th most populous country in the world. Bigger than Ecuador or Rwanda or even Portugal.ย  Continue reading “Mythbusters: What is the official map of #Kashmir?”