Ramadan in Kashmir

In Kashmiri diction Ramadan is pronounced as ‘Ramzan‘)

In Kashmir like any other Muslim nation Ramadan has its special significance. Ramadans in Kashmir tend to boring on the outset as due to the conflict there are no night markets which is usually a norm around the Muslim world. But there’s something special about Ramadan in Kashmir. Continue reading

The assassination of Ibnebattuta

Occupation is the Elephant in the Room - Faysal

The story starts from early spring of March 2009 when a few online activists assembled to start a #FreeFaizan campaign. The campaign was initiated by the most influential Kashmir blogger ~K along with many other bloggers who had found new space on Twitter. The campaign was a massive success with Amnesty International joining the campaign for the release of Faizan Hakeem a minor who was detained by Indian occupation. Amnesty International later called it ‘ When a tweet can change the world‘. It was a significant moment as it set the foundation for the new-age Kashmiri activism online.  Continue reading

The Country Without a Post Office by Agha Shahid Ali

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Again I’ve returned to this country
where a minaret has been entombed.
Someone soaks the wicks of clay lamps
in mustard oil, each night climbs its steps
to read messages scratched on planets.
His fingerprints cancel bank stamps
in that archive for letters with doomed
addresses, each house buried or empty.

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June. The Eleventh.

An edited version was published in The Kashmir Reader
Five years ago, a seventeen year old Tufail Mattoo was shot dead by a tear-gas canister which was aimed directly at his head. It sparked an unprecedented people’s uprising of an unfathomable magnitude. The dark years from the nineties which rode on fear, coercion and outright terror finally met its end in the roars of the millions of people.

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