IAS and Kashmir

Recently a Doctor from a village called Sogam shot to fame by topping the competitive Civil Services exam, A service which produces bureaucrats every year (mostly corrupt ones). Almost everyone is involved in the progress of country (to the World’s Most Corrupt Nations List). Kashmiris were elated that someone had topped the exam after decades. This guy had done a commendable job, topped among thousands of other candidates… but come to Kashmir, the reality is quite different.

His claim that he wanted to serve Kashmiris (bureaucrats) is a dubious claim. As bureaucrats have been seen as Charag Baig’s since centuries. A sentiment on the streets is that they are the scum of Kashmiris who serve the Indian Civil Services. Like the Indians who served in British Civil Services. Civil Services were used by the British to consolidate their colonisation of India. Same is the case in Kashmir, where bureaucrats are running the administration of an occupation.

They say he is a topper, well in 1980s there was a topper of these exams as well. But today he is lost in the system. Well, he couldn’t change the system then, when it was not as complicated as it is now.

Kashmir has produced so many of this breed (keeping aside the positions in the exam), a very long list indeed. But has something really good happened? No, Never.. It never has happened. These “Elite Officers are now and then involved in numerous scams and scandals. Some of which come to surface and fade away in our memories..’Yahaan toh Sab Chalta hai.’

Shouldn’t we think that he may bring change into the system, as he is believed to be an ‘RTI activist’?. In Kashmir even a “Chief” is a bird with no wings.A puppet show where they can’t even pass one bill because it hurts interests of Delhi.What can a Bureaucrat do?. Here information is the biggest secret of these powerful people. Years from now, when these ‘ RTI activists’ will file for information on massacres and rapes. All they would get is ‘confidential’ matters cannot be disclosed.

Young blood comes into these power system promising so much (which are blown away like a balloon). But when they taste the wine of power, they become totally different. They are untouchables with the impunity they possess. Nobody dare touch them when they are on the chair. They will do everything possible to be on top, even sell their souls. On the ground they seldom think of something for the people ( wasn’t the exam called Civil something?)

We thought maybe the picture that the “Chief” portrayed, we may witness something that never had happened in our Nation (and really it never happened). He was just a bubble of hope of the despair which exploded even before it could even do something good. Even labeled as the “Obama of Kashmir”( he can have it, as this name defines a person who can only talk. Hypocrite.

A big problem with our nation is when something gets fame, we all want our children to jump on that bandwagon. Now parents here are inducing IASISM amongst us. Why don’t they want us to be like Dr Ali Jans, Farooq Kathwaris, Umar Trumboos,Fayaz Shawls, Jaleel Andrabis et al. or do something that KASHMIR could really be proud of? Why are we running after something that Kashmir as a nation can never Benefit from?

We need Specialist Doctors, Innovative Engineers, Phenomenal Entrepreneurs, Excellent Economists, Inspirational Preachers, Firebrand Activists, Daring Journalists, Evocative Writers and more. To be a bureaucrat should be the last thing on a Kashmiris’ Mind if he really thinks that he wants his Motherland proud. Bureaucracy is  to be lazy all their life by sitting in a chair, ask for “CHAI”, and take home their earnings over and under the table.

We need people who can stand up for what they have been born to do. BE A PROUD SON OF KASHMIR not A PARASITE who sooner or later feds on the blood of their own.

He was already a MBBS Doctor, he was in the noblest of professions. What made him think he can create change, only he knows. Due to his decision, somebody on the waiting list who was dream to be a Doctor got buried into ground.

P.S: Due respect to the IAS waala but he is a part of the system, which is despised by almost everyone. He will always be one of them for a common Kashmiri. Nayaks don’t happen in real life, if they did Kashmir wouldn’t have been the place.


Post Script: The topper announced a probe to a killing of Farhat Dar, a teenager. Swift and exemplary action was promised, and what the family of the slained youth got was…nothing.


One thought on “IAS and Kashmir

  1. This article from the year 2009 fits the condition even today, 5 years later.
    I’m in the Civil Services preparation now for around 5 months and I’m already feeling suffocated due to the ideology and mindset we have to develop to face this challenge. Even if we qualify the Prelims and Mains stage thinking that “We are Kashmiris and we have to work for our community “, we won’t get a chance in the interview stage.
    As a Kashmiri, they’ll make you answer those questions which make you pro-system and pro-Indian. Those questions can only be answered if you shun all anti-India sentiments and begin thinking like an Indian, which is severely tough for us, for me atleast.
    Some people say if you become an IAS officer then you can clean the system from within, but I’m not ready to accept this statement. That is extremely difficult, since you’ll be surrounded by 99.99% corruption. Then slowly and steadily you’ll be made part and parcel of the community you’d not even thought in the first place.
    I won’t study for IAS anymore, it has started to make me anti-Kashmir and pro-India, which is absolutely unacceptable to me.


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