Innocent Martyr

Arrested for protesting
By the country where Gandhi lived,
Hit by a baton and smoke
A young boy takes up a stone,
He knows that he may be killed,
By the gun of the man eater,
What’s a life surviving under oppression?
It’s better to die for a cause

Head blown away by the canister
He sees a white light from the sky,
But what holds his soul back, O Martyr
“I am thinking about my Mother, She must be waiting for me”

As he falls into sleep,
His mother comes into his dream
O Son, How do you feel?
“Mouj, It’s so free here”
O Son, why did you leave me?
Had kept the tea and Tchochwor for you to eat?
“Mouji the essence of the freedom doesn’t keep me hungry”
O Son! I am so proud of you, but I want to be with you,
“Oh Mother, the day my land would be free,
you will see me and feel me in every breath,

Oh Son did you See your brothers?
“Oh Mouj they are angels, my brothers here”
Oh Son! you have died for a cause
But the Pain of Losing you is still there
I smell and hug your little clothes
the pain of losing you
Stirs up the deepest emotions
I see you in my dreams
Remembering how you bloomed
And my tears have dried up
But the pain is still there
I have lost you to the wind
I will not mourn anymore
For you was Innocent
And you became a war-cry!

I long for you every day
shaheed goakh naz tchum
magar poatri dagh ruzim..

In memory of Wamiq.


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