Unfinished Nightmare

Bloodshot eyes, misty mask, exasperated breath,clenched fists and screaming into the sky “Freedom”.”I am out of stones, get something fast” asked the masked protester to his friend.He look towards the brick that was stuck to the parapet. He grabbed, grunting with all the power, the brick broke off. To get more air and force,he threw it on the road, trying to break it into the pieces. The brick remains spread on the road. He collected them as if it were money on the road. He cobbled them into his fist. He started running, breathed through the home-made handkerchief mask. He ran as fast as he could. ” You bastards, You Biharis get lost from here” screamed into the sky. The CRPF armed with pads,helmets and shields unmoved but if you could look closely into their faces and eyes, fear looming on their faces.

“Thud” the stone went like a bullet, straight on the body pad. Another on the shield. Just as he was retreating, somebody caught hold of him. His eyes terrorised, his face puzzled with fear, all the Junoon gone in a moment. He was ruthlessly dragged on the street by the policeman in plain-clothes. As he was being dragged, the troopers came running like the dogs pouncing on the wasted food. “Hatai Mouji Mya Bachaavi”, he looked towards the window where a woman with a veil was watching the scene.She was beating her chest “Hataa Khudayoo, Emis Ha Maaran, Emis Ha Maaran”.

“Saale Azaadi Chahiye?” “Madarchod, HaraamZade Ye Le Azaadi” a blow of sticks on his head, kicks on his face with the heavy jackboots, another one came and kicked him hard in the kidneys and on his stomach. Blood oozing from his mouth, he was crying but his blood was clogging his voice, it seemed he was gargling blood. His head was oozing blood, his face blackened with the boot marks.

He wanted to run, but his arms were held. He resisted, with all his might but he couldn’t beat off a dozen troopers. He was slowly fainting, the blood was flowing on the streets.

I fell off my bed. Immersed in sweat with an exasperated breath.It was a nightmare. But these scenes are real.It’s Kashmir.


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