Quagmire of Pain

I was caught in the moment, felt this sharp pain. The freezing knife of a feeling. The best way was to write what i felt, and thus the birth of this poem. I am no poet, my words serve as the carrier of my feelings. 


Here is the feeling again
Of pain, that surreal pain
Coming from the wounds of the past
Falling in the cold, this heart

The silence of the heartbreak
Broken by the ghosts of the past
Piercing, breaking and shattering
The glass house, this heart

Walking in those same streets
Where I was told not to come again
Not to be seen again
But could not stop, this heart

The numb feeling revisits
Tells me,”I didn’t want to be back”
But your helplessness was unbearable”
Couldn’t fake the emotions, this heart

In the hope of the light
I am told lives the world
But I live in the hope of a hope
Couldn’t be my companion, this heart

Joy, Happiness and elation
With you was such a beautiful time
It was all a moment, forgotten moment
Couldn’t last longer, this heart

Quagmire of my life
Believed, it wouldn’t return
It was a great lie to live
Couldn’t abate the pain, this heart



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