Islamic State: Background, Principles and Umar Al Khattab

Although Democracy has succeeded in developing several mechanisms for popular participation, but because of the absence of firm moral moorings, its standards of right and wrong have been subjected to the whims of the people. Consequently, it has resulted in decriminalization of major evil practices and moral sins exposing the human society to the tyrannies of moral relativism, the idiosyncrasies of majority rule, racial and class-based tensions, economic exploitation and erosion of all basics essential for the sustenance of human society.

Emphasizing quantity and counting of hands, it has replaced quality and eternal standards of right, truth and justice. In the U.S. it has become a facade behind which the capitalist class and the special interest groups continue to rule and dominate its society.

In a number of other countries including most of the Muslim world, narrow tribal-cum-class politics along with the dominance of a political elite placed and backed by the Western powers have led to the establishment of one party dictatorships in the name of democracy.

PDF VersionΒ Islamic State: Background, Principles and Umar Al KhattabΒ (comment if it doesn’t work)


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