I am a Kashmiri

I am the Lad of Srinagar,
Proud of my streets
Proud of my history
Proud of my mosques and shrines
Proud of my ancestors
Proud of my people
I am a Kashmiri

I am extremely blessed
Whether i am poor or rich
Whether i drive a car or a tonga
Whether i wear a pol’her or a leather boot
Whether i live in a mansion or khopr
Whether i live i wear a dussa or a pheran
I am a Kashmiri

I am the colours of Shalimar
Bleeding the colour of saffron
Beating in my heart is greenery of Gulmarg
The twinkle of my eyes carries the gushing waters of Pahalgam
The smiles paint the color of the Sopore apple
My feet stand like the Chinar
I am a Kashmiri

I am the tune of love
I am the thread of creativity
I live in the eyes of the shawlmaker
I live in the hands of the wood carver
I live in the movements of the papier machie
I travel in the smile of the shikara waala
I am a Kashmiri

I am the glimmer of hope
From the Fort of Koh-e-Maraan
To the hill of Suleiman
In the flow of the Jhelum
In the fishes of the Lidder
In the wings of the Kite
I am a Kashmiri

I am the couplet of Ghani
The inspiration of Iqbal
The nemesis of Akbar
The love of Jehangir
The abode of Nur Din
The pride of Thrope
I am a Kashmiri

I am a Fighter
Even when I am imprisoned
Even when I am tortured
Even when I am orphaned
Even when I am disappeared
Even when I am dead
I am a Kashmiri


3 thoughts on “I am a Kashmiri

  1. I found your blog through your Twitter. I am glad I came across this. That is really beautiful. Some people try to shy away from this tag – Kashmiri. i wonder why? We can’t change what we are. I love that you specifically mentioned “proud of the Shrines” and also “Chinar”… Excellent.


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