In Memory Of Irfan

I am no terrorist, I am no militant

I fight for the truth and the oppressed

I see the truth and the false,

I fight false with truth by side

I am buried in the nameless and unknown graveyards

In the terrains of Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine

But I am buried in the hearts of the revolutionary

For in their hearts lies my spirit

I have no stone on my grave

I am turned to dust and earth.

But my shrines are built

In the hearts of the revolutionary

Revolutionary remembers my sacrifice

He sees light in my dusted bones

He sees life in the smears of my blood.

The revolutionary shall either be victorious or lie next to me

O Irfan, I remember your legends

Of your bravery and your immaculate thoughts,

I grew up hearing your heroics

Dying for a selfless cause

Irfan, I wish to meet you not here but in heavens

We will together stand before the mighty Allah.

On that day our war paints will change

Noor will illuminate our faces

We shall march to the gates of heaven

Embrace the victory we all dreamt of

Irfan, 19 became a martyr during the fall of Kabul, twenty years ago.  He was a Kashmiri-American from an affluent family. He could have gotten into any Ivy-league university in USA but he chose King Faisal University in Islamabad. He chose the latter as a way to enter the Afghan Jihad.

He was killed during the fall of Kabul. He is buried in a nameless unknown mass-grave in the desolated terrain of Kabul.


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