The Kashmiri Tweeple

The following is the list of the best Kashmiri twitter handles. Below are the people whose tweets evoke the sense of Kashmir. The following list doesn’t comprise of SC/ST or Backward reservations. The following list is based on a secret scale that is in possession of me. There shall be no discrimination. The list is in no order but we need order sometimes. Without further ado here it is:-

Kashmir Tweeple

68) Tauseef (@TauseefD12): (A Fun-Damentalist and an Altruist. A proud Kashmiri and a proud son. Willingly/Unwillingly fighting to be free).  A good activist on Twitter. He has a good sense of humour, well we all have that. His tweets are really interesting sometimes.

67) Umar Farooq (@Umar_Farrooq ):   (I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. Kashmiri, Techie, Soccer Fanatic.) Umar has been tweeting consistently on Kashmir. He also posts bursts of poetry sometimes.

66) Haziq Qadri (@haziq_qadri): (Kashmiri #Journalist.Love books,#Photography.. Retweets or following doesn’t necessary mean endorsement.) One of the best journalists in the new crop of Kashmir. Writes at Kashmir’s new online magazine VOX|Kashmir.

65) Shah Tawseef Meiraj (@ShahTavseefMairaj) : (A Kashmiri Blogger. FUNdamentalist. Chemical Engineer.@amlahash fan. Newsy. Writes about Human Rights, Development, Int’l Relations. Asks Uncomfortable Qs.) One of our new twitter activists, claim to fame was his tweet on Barkha Dutt’s show. Tweets frequently on Islam and Kashmir. Also the boy with the skull cap.

64) Fouad Farooq  (@fouadfarooq) :(A Muslim by religion. An Electronics & Communication Engineer by education. A Kashmiri by birth)  A frequent twitter’er, with over 15000 tweets. Tweets and constantly retweets on Kashmir and more.

63)Poog’ mogul (@NangMott): (Habitually diligent, a wag wid an efficient sense of humor-a poet @ heart & Infatuated to writing.Once a dumass student & now a self-styled blogger,but Married!) Nang mott literally means a naked-madman. His satire will have you in fits.

62)Muzzammil Thakur @MuzzammilThakur: (Kashmir – enough said) Muzzammil has been one of the very few people who have been on the forefront of Kashmir activism internationally. He will make his father proud, one day Insha Allah.

61) Bismah Malik (@BismahMalik): (A Journalist, an adventurer and an optimist…) One of the best journalist from the new and young crop of Kashmir. Watch for inspirational tweets on Islam and history. And yes, she has a ‘H’ at the end of Bisma.

60) Mohammad Muneem (@MohammadMuneem): (Allah is Noor : Its he who gives all) Lead vocalist of Highway 61, and a his voice echoes in the heart. Listen to his rendition of Jashn-e-Azadi

59) Azaan Javaid (@azaanjavaid): (As for me, all I know is that I know nothing -Socrates) Brilliant writer, and his reviews are like ragda. He is a must follow

58) Inshah Malik (@InshahMalik): (Poet, writer and an activist focusing on issues of Women, Human Rights, Occupation and Militarism.) Young woman activist from Kashmir, really good poet and Koshur to the core.

57) Mohammad Aehsan (@feardablack) : (Fearless,……In Transition ..Learning) One of best photographers from Kashmir. Takes breathtaking pictures of Bandipore.

56) Shakeel Bakshi (@ShakeelBaksihi): Social Media stalwarts and one of the great student leaders of Kashmir. Follow his daily diary on Kashmir History @KashmiriStudent

55) Najeeb Mubarki (@NajeebMubarki): The name is enough.

54) Kashmir Truth (@KashmirTruth) One of the finest bloggers of Kashmir. Strangely he has made his account private. Read his blog Kashmir Truth.

53) Mouris Bashir (@Mouris_Bashir) : (Receding hairline, beer belly, Pie chucker,Inspite of all this I still play Saturday League Cricket. SU President at@telfordcoll 2010-12)  One of great student ambassadors of Kashmir and its people overseas. Co-founder of Kashmir Solidarity Movement in Scotland.

52) Kashmir Window (@kashmirwindow): For every news related to Kashmir. This handle is a must follow.

51)Khwaja Hamad (@khwajahamad) : (WebDeveloper/Designer,Sketcher,Writer,traveler,Explorer.Proud Kashmiri Muslim.)   (From the Territory of Apaar ( the other side). He is from Kashmir under Pakistan.  For everything you ever wanted to know about one of world’s most forgotten region, PAK Controlled Kashmir, he is the guy.

50) Junaid (@juneymb): (I love words, they don’t love me back. P. S. I love Ghalib, also the Kolaveri song. I hold the key to world peace, as my twitter password.) Maybe I forgot to mention him for his Kolaveri son in his description. Juney has an influence over 759 followers and has been a Kashmir Legend for his almost 45000 tweets.

49) Feroz Ahmad (@ferozwales): (Kashmiri | Pharmacologist in the making | Djokovic fan | Interests: Ethnogeography of Kashmir, Israel) One of the most active people on twitter during the mass uprising of 2010. Taught me to use #hashtags in tweets. He is our Koshur Wise Man.

48)  •D• (@freequeen3): (Brain that can create storms,Equally heart battling creature that can bring cyclones.) I think the description would be apt for every Kashmiri. One in the league of women twitterati from Kashmir. She has been a regular tweetist during the 2010 Uprising and posts beautiful quotes on her timeline.

47) Nazir Qadir (@b_nazir): (Ravenous Reader.Sporty.Traveller.Interests – History, Poetry & Literature. Engineer too) Qadir sahab is one Kashmiri who creates a sense of importance to issues which we sometimes turn away from.

46) Siddharth Gigoo (@siddharthgigoo)( Renegade, escapist, horizontaler, hobbyist, novelist – The Garden of Solitude) What can I say about this brother here. A brilliant debut novel about what the Kashmiri Hindus faced during the controversial displacement from their homes in the 1990s.

45) Altaf Qadri (@AltafQadriAP) : An award winning photo-journalist who disappeared in Libya during the war. Find him here finally, he tweets and humors. He has an eye that catches moments memorable.

44) Jhiya (@jhiya_) : A Koshur with a punch. Tweeting since about a year, he has earned a lot of followers.

43) Hamza (@KashmirRebel) : With a lot of requests and comments to include this die-hard Koshur (seems to have a loyal following) His tweets seem to be very interesting and powerful. He has been tirelessly working on the Kashmir cause on Twitter. He deserves a mention here, very rightly so

42)Kashmir….. (@ibn_e_kashmir): (Lone Wolf) He is not a lone wolf, there are currently 644 people following him. He has been there since forever. Tweet activist. He reminds me of @IbneGhazi (who deleted his account recently)

41) Noain Bakhshi (@bakhshinoain): (Soldier of Kashmir, far from the valley but never far from its people. Mgt Consultant, Former President of JK Students Union and a proud kin of Khalid e Kashmir) A Burn Hallian with command over his words and sentiments. Noain Bakshi is one of the rare few who get replied by the Gupkari.

40) Musa Syeed (@musasyeed) : (filmmaker/homebody) He is one Kashmiri, I am proud of. Directed the Valley of Saints in Srinagar during the 2010 uprising on a very offshoot imagination. Took real Kashmiri actors and made the movie so beautiful that it won the Sundance award (every Indie film-makers dream) among other accolades.

39) Saagar (@_Saagar): (Equality of all Supramecy of none ! politico,poetic,Occasional writer,an evolutionist’ & may be a photographer ! Oppressed but Proud Kashmiri) Formerly known as North Kashmir, Saagar has been the edgiest Koshur on twitter. With Kashmiri wit, he deserves to be on this list.

38) Raniya Kashmiri (@RaniyaKashmiri) : (Total killing 93,716 •Women gang raped 10,021 •Civilian disappeared 10,000 •Children orphaned 107,436 •Women widowed 22,763 •Unmarked graves 6,400)  Tireless advocate of Kashmir’s freedom struggle on Twitter.  And for this :- I will always be same-tweeting or not tweeting- azadi is the agenda-today, tomorrow- always #kashmir

37) Tariq (@Stab70): With a Che on his display picture since a long time, he tweets like a Koshur Che.

36) Baba Umar (@BabaUmarr): (Cricket enthusiast. Liberal but non-interventionist. News addict and journalist till the end of world. And I’m scared of hypocrites and ‘ji-hazoors’) A dynamic journalist currently with Tehelka. Baba Umar is one of the young journalists who have created a niche in the Press lane of Srinagar.

35) Baba Tamim (@BabaTamim) : (Believes in ‘seeing’ then saying. (A Passionate Photographer & Aspiring Documentary Film Maker). Hypocrites / Liberal opportunists stay Your ASS away.) Younger brother of Baba Umar, a beloved friend and a hardcore Kashmiri. Follow for his amazing pictures and tongue-in-cheek humour

34)  Yasser Majid (@yassermajid): (The only helping hand is at the end of your arm!) Located in London (that’s what his information reads) he has been flowing with information from the past in Kashmir. Known to the streets of the Srinagar since decades, Yasser Majid has the bird view of Kashmir.

33) Green Bird (@kabirspeaks): (We Will Tweet Until Kashmir Is Free) Well, what can one say about a Kashmiri with a naked and hairy Baba Ramdev in the picture be about? Humour, wicked humour and untapped Kalkharaabi.

32) Nadeem (@oyenaddy):(Unreliable | Inefficient | Disorganized | Unmotivated | Immature. More Imagineer Than Engineer. P.S. I’m not a has been, I’m a will be.) Nadeem is one Kashmiri which has been there since a long time, with a penchant passion and intellect, he is a star on the list.

31) Shayan Nabi (@ShayanNabi): (Ain’t a Blogger, Ain’t no writer, No celeb, Nor a journo.I learn to love, live to fight, not just for me, but for others, teach the new blood & live for freedom) Shayan Nabi is a tireless twitter person. He was the main reason behind #ValleyofSaints trending on India charts.

30) Mohammad Ashraf  (@KashmirFirst)  : (Former Director General Tourism of Kashmir, now a columnist.) One of the great Kashmir explorers in the current times. Veteran columnist.

29)Ilyas Wali (@IlyasWali): (On self exploration. Will surely update all, when i meet myself.) A techie, a photographer and the humorous watcher like a Raati Mogul.

28) Afaq Bacha (@afaq_bacha) :  (must do our deeds keeping in mind the day when we will have to account for all on the day of judjement) Afaq Bacha is a typical Kashmiri guy, who carries the word of the wise.

27) Nitasha Kaul (@nitashakaul): (Novelist, writer, scholar, poet, traveller, dreamer (also occasional economist and artist!). Multiplies time between places including London, India, Bhutan.) What can we say about Kashmiri woman, they are beautiful and wise. Nitasha Kaul is an author and a traveler. While she wanders to different places, her heart lies in the homeland, Kashmir.

26) Pandit Kashmir (@panditkmr): A Kashmiri (who never claimed to be a pandit) who tweets under this handle has been trolled many a times by those who don’t like his views. For his unflinching spirit, he needs to be followed.

25) Sheikh Irfan (@SheikhIrfan_): (Live the life you want to live. Be the person you want to remember. Make decisions, make mistake, if you fail, at least you tried. I am a mystery to myself.) Of the Kangri throwing intellectuals, this guy would be leading the pack. An articulate and fiery Kashmiri with tweets that have fire in them (most times)

24) TheKashmiris (@thekashmiris): (For the Kashmir, Of the Kashmir,by the Kashmiris) One of the most active tweeple during the 2010 uprising. He is a must follow.

23)ikashmir (@icashmir) : (I am free but my thoughts aren’t. I am free but my aspirations aren’t. I am free but my views aren’t. I am a kashmiri and that’s my only crime.) He is a twitter veteran with over 40k tweets. Must follow.

22) Shehla Rashid (@ShehlaRashid) : (The girl your mommy warned against. RTs are either Endorsements or Insults. Also, Counter-Arguments or Self-Praise(when irresistible). An active activist, who has drawn lot of praises and followers from the neighboring India.

21) Malik Sajad (@MalikSajad): (Cartoonist) Malik Sajad, the prodigal son of Kashmir, has been drawing inspirations in cartoons on newspapers and magazines in Kashmir and beyond since he was 15. He is the daily cartoonist of the popular Greater Kashmir since 2003. His works are published on his website. He is currently sketching his first graphic novel.

20) Raheel Khursheed (@raheelk): (Director Communications, India / Independently: Commentator, Comic, Curator TEDx, Cook / X Senior Correspondent: CNN-IBN, Times Now / Views own.) A gaaon ka gorah from Islamabad. Worked in different TV Channels. And a Twitter veteran. He is humorous and his tweets have a punch.

19) Sabbah Haji (@imsabbah): (Flirtistani Ustaani. Chenab ki Chudail. Writer, teacher ~ Director of in the mountains of J&K. (Can you take a joke? Good.) One of the most inspirational woman of Kashmir. Having being brought up in Dubai, she came back and build a school in her village. She is a die-hard Afridi fan and Kashmiri to the core. She blogs from a hazy distance and the story about her journey was on IBN LIVE.

18) Rafiq Kathwari (@BrownPundit ): (Renaissance Man: Consultant – Social Enterprises; Scribe; Human Rights Activist; Photojournalist:) A poet and a human rights activist. He belongs to the legendary pride of the Kathwaris. Living in America since ages but passion for Kashmir and Kashmiris growing ever since.

17) Yusuf Jameel (@JameelYusuf): (Journalist,writer;Derives great pleasure from calling a spade a spade and is willing to bear consequences.) What could you say about the daring and award winning journalist from Kashmir. His tweets have a value of importance.

16) Bilal Nazki (@BilalNazki): (Belongs to Kashmir. Served as Judge at J&K,A.P,and Bombay High Courts for fifteen years.Retired as the Chief Justice of Orissa in November 2009) The description says it all.

15) San’aa Sultan (@Sanaa_Sultan): A hardcore Kashmiri who refuses to acknowledge divisions of Kashmir. A talented poet and a spoken word artist.

14) Shahnaz (@iShahnaz): (Son, brother, husband and a father.. Cricket fan and gadget freak 🙂 Contrary to what most may think, totally apolitical. The ‘i’ is original. Android fan.) Apolitical? apuz wanaan (he’s lying). Is one of the better Kashmir twitter experts from Conflict to Darbar Moves. An oldie, and has a pretty old picture. (Dude, change it.)

13) Azhar Qadri (@AzharQadri): (Interested about everything from Kashmir to Timbuktu, and more faraway lands, mountains, deserts.) Azhar is a brilliant young journalist. He tweets mostly on Kashmir and other conflict zones. He has the first confirmed news. He was the first one to report that a BSF Jawan was beaten up in Srinagar.

12) Jehangir Ali (@Gaamuk): (A journalist, a proud son, tweet about life in Kashmir, India, Pakistan and beyond. Adore Faiz, Borges, Calvino, love to call spade a spade.) Waariyah asil Journalist.The only Kashmiri on Express Tribune Blogs.

11) Sair Mir (@sairmir): (An amateur photographer, an occasional poet and most importantly a Thinker. Oh, and a Doctor too) An amateur photgrapher is bit too humble. His photos were published on Marie Claire. A Doctor by profession, a photographer during the day and a poet by night. A big Ghalib fan.

1o) Naveed Qazi (@naveedqazi): (From Kashmir. Like to write, read. A bit of foodie. Currently pursuing Masters in International Business.) He has been writing on Kashmir since a long time, a noted blogger on Insights: Kashmir.

9) Farah Bashir (@farahbashir): An articulate journalist with interesting views on Kashmir. She’s a total Koshur Koor and her love for Kashmir is commendable.

8)Omar Bashir (@obi3e): ([Vearan Bonie Hund Haeren Kav] An Astonished Crow Of a Desolate Chinar – #Kashmir) For this wonderful profile info and also for being insightful always. He is the founder of the  TIMEZ OF KASHMIR, one of the best satirical blogs of Kashmir.

7)Sameer Bhat (@sameerft ): Sameer Bhat is a journalist and lives in Dubai. One of Kashmir’s most widely read bloggers, his short stories and satirical writings have appeared in leading English dailies. Sameer’s recent contributions include an anthology Until My Freedom Has Come – The New Intifada in Kashmir (published by Penguin Books India). is mostly liberal and laidback with a dash of sarcasm.

6) Samuuraa (@Samuuraa): (RADICAL | Disputed Nationality, Anti-Corruption, Flying In Turbulence, Narcissists & Exhibitionists stay AWAY) He comes with a warning! That is true to what he has done. He is in the illustrious of many block lists for his sharp words and questions. We don’t know about his identity, but he is a Kashmiri to the core. Personally, he is a must follow.

5) Mirza Waheed (@MirzaWaheed): (Novelist. Journalist. Author of The Collaborator) The heart winning author of The Collaborator, Mirza Waheed’s tweets carry Kashmiri punch. There is nothing much to say, he is the man himself.

4)Majid Pandit (@majidpandit): (Into Business of Media and Public Relations. Humanitarian activist, a Communicator plus a Photographer, Blogger and a Cricketer) One of the best Kashmiris on Twitter. He was one of the most active people during 2010 protests and continues to pioneer Kashmir social actvism.)

3) Roushan Illahi (@MCKashKashmir) (A Poet and A Storyteller. A Son and A Brother. A Friend and A Comrade. A Kashmiri on a Warpath) What could I say about this man. One of the most honest and passionate Kashmiris around. A brilliant poet and a hardcore Kashmiri. Though it took him time to come on twitter due to the more number of Kashmiris on facebook. He has transited into twitter, and he is one must follow. Listen to his stories and music on his website.

2) Ibne-Battuta (@IbneBattuta): (Traveler, student, explorer. Believe “humor is the best medicine’ & ‘defiance is the best resistance’ Author of #MySilentMuse) One of most active Kashmiris on twitter, though he tweets under the nome de guerre of Ibne Battuta (A Moroccan, who became one of the great travelers in history). He is a must follow too, on various things that are Kashmir and beyond. To put one sentence, our very own Twitter Bab Sahab

1) ~K (@FreeKashmir): (~K~ The Blogger From ~K~ashmir) Arguably the best blogger from Kashmir. He blogs and tweets under ~K. He is brilliant and articulate. Though he has been inactive for a long time (September 11 last year) he still is a must follow, if he comes back.

I would like to serve apologies to honorable misses, if you have any Kashmiri who should be on this list, please comment below with the twitter link.

Not sorry that I excluded the corrupts and politically manufactured icons. And those with known political opportunism.

Also I would like to thank @mykashmirmylife (who lives under the shadow of Kalashankof 47) for his tweets that helped me in compiling the list.

P.S: If you want to follow this naacheez, @_faysal.


15 thoughts on “The Kashmiri Tweeple

  1. Think The Green Bird, The Baba ji who tweets through @KabirSpeaks (will tweet untill Kashmir is free) deserves a mention here, after all we all love his satirical comments and above all who can ignore his Display of DP’s


  2. this man @KashmirRebel deserves inclusion who burns the mid night oil, extensively propogates the cause, I donot know the criteria on which the list is created and to my knowledge some of the handles in the list are due to their class and their contribution towards Kashmir is big “Zero” they should be removed forthwith quarantined thereof. Lol


  3. When you type in “Kashmiri Blogs” or “Kashmir blog” into google, what is the first blog that shows up? By far the best Kashmiri blogs present on the internet. Any idea who that blogger is? Why isn’t his twitter mentioned? I am talking about Kashmir truth be told blog


    1. Berader, Please send me his Twitter handle. I have been following his blog since a long time. If I ever make a list of Bloggers, he would be right up there. Thanks for the concern. Peace


  4. BarakAllahu feekum!

    I would be grateful if you replace the hyperlink for ‘the boy with the skull cap’ with this;

    + my handle is @TavseefMairaj not @ShahTavseefMairaj !!!

    + did us miss @yaqeenulhaq and @Sarmatspeaks and @peacify ???


  5. Coz my name is excluded, does it mean I am one of “the corrupts and politically manufactured icons…with known political opportunism” 😉


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