Thank You Baba

Baba had sent some Kashmiri stuff, like ingredients for the Kahwa and dry fruits. I couldn’t text him a ‘Thank you’ you know Texting is banned in Kashmir. So I wrote this note for him…


Baba, I wanted to text ‘Thank you’ but you know that SMS service is banned in Kashmir. I would have written thank you note for you. But then you get emotional. You see, my whole room is filled the fragrance of home after the gifts you sent. Smells of love. I even kept your photo on my wall. To remind me that I am the son of a Prince. You see times have changed and I am no longer Nyati Soath (Super lazy) and also the tryam kyali woal. I am trying to be what will make you happy. You see I am doing well here. You shouldn’t worry about me.

Also about the siyasat (politics) which you don’t like. You see you trained me on the Dastarkhwaan  everyday, I can’t un-learn them. You see if you tell your friends about me and how happy you are of what I have done (which is nothing) you should also take the credit for my siyasat.

I always remember the words you told me when I was a kid, “Profit and loss doesn’t matter neither does money, what matters is that your heart is happy.”  You see these words became my principle ever since I grew up wiser. And thanks to the ‘early gray hair’ which runs in our family it not only made me look wiser but smarter too (so they say).

Baba, I love you. And I still am known as your son and sometimes also called your duplicate. Thanks for everything you got for me. You see I am not good with thank you notes. But I tried.

I hope that mom is smiling over the translation to Kashmiri. And my brother is typing on his phone and listening to what you said. I think Zaid must be making a mental note of what I have said.

It’s getting late. I have to be awake in the morning. You see I have 23 alarms to make wake up. I miss you banging the door. But forget it.

I hope you are smiling now. That’s all I wanted. Love ♥



Note: Nyati Soath is a Kashmiri word for super lazy and Tryam Kyali Woal (the Third Banana Man) is a story, Baba used to tell me. It was a story about three extremely Nyati Soath persons. One is given a banana, and he asks the guy who gives it to peel it off for him. The second one asks the guy to eat it first and then give it to him. The last kyali woal is so lazy that he tells the guy to eat it all, as if he as eaten it himself.

You may want to re-read it.


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