The earth is dead, they said. The dust on the roads is lifeless. The air is thick as if, it was choking all of us but slowly. The trees have lost the colour, something they stood there for.

The clouds who watch over us, have been angry. They want to be free, fall on the dead earth. The thunder is the pain that they want to let go off. Lightening ensues.

Tiny drops of water like the tear drops fall from the dark skies above us. They trickle down through the suffocated chains of thick air.

The first drop falls.

The tiny spot of dust that lay there for ages, is alive. It is joyous, it whirls like a dervish. The second drop falls, tearing apart the hatred of lifelessness. Another drop, awakens the earth from the dead. It whirls like if it was imprisoned for years.

The tiny speck of dust that is alive and dancing again, asks the rain drop, “What took you so long?”.

“I was waiting for this day, when I would believe that you could wait for me for a thousand years more. Your patience has broken the chains for me, and for many more”.

The rain drop and the tiny speck of dust merge. They travel to the deserted alleys of trees and flowers. Creating the gardens of love and hope.

The joy that earth felt, is reinvigorated by the heavens above. The hope of life again, cause tear drops albeit happy to fall on earth.

The skies pour out the liquid, the elixir to life on earth. Breaking the prisons in the skies made of thick air.

These are the tear drops of hope, that tears the cobwebs of helplessness.

The earth wakes up, like it had died everyday. It was waiting for the rains to fall. It had been patient for a thousand seasons, would have waited for a thousand more.

The rains fall on the earth. The gates that were closed for a long time, have opened up.

The rain drops on the earth, make the earth beat like heartbeats. The heartbeats which were silent, presumed dead are awake.

The earth might have looked dead, but the heart beat all this time. Knowing that one day, the beloved will arrive and take the pain of longing away.

The earth is alive again.

We all wait for something in life, something that we believe will change our lives. When it doesn’t arrive when we want it to be, we change. What if we waited a little more.

The rainbow in our life can only emerge, if we believe it will.

Note: To Lil PinkSs 🙂


7 thoughts on “Baran

  1. aawh…..if this is that beautiful, i dont knw what beauty is. tho im a bit disappointed to see christina perry’s there. but oh, who cares. you’re wonderful!


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