In Memory of Dastgeer Sahab Shrine

Early morning, the clouds were over you,
A spark, a fire engulfed you in flames
Wouldn’t my heart break?

You kept burning profusely,
Inflaming within you, the deepest secrets you carried
Wouldn’t my heart break?

How can I look away from you?
When I walk near your burnt ashes?
Wouldn’t my heart break? β€ͺ

The essence of the history you carried,
Burnt into black charcoal
Wouldn’t my heart break?

Fire is pure, it has engulfed palaces, bridges and shrines
It also runs in your teachings and in our hearts
Wouldn’t my heart break?

Oh Shaykh, I don’t need buildings named after you,
You run in my heart, I don’t bow to you, But I love you
Wouldn’t my heart break?


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