Khaakistarash: The Ashes

I have seen homes turn to dust,
I have seen mothers screaming on prayer mats
I have seen fathers holding tears when they smiled
I have seen funerals at weddings,
I have seen…

I am a witness to the arson of our history
I am a witness to the rape of our chastity
I am a witness to the torture of our innocence
I am a witness to this hell,
I am a witness…

My past is like shards of glass
That hurt me with agony as I walk on
I scream with the hurt to the cage holding me with chains
I don’t bend my knees to the power of the tyrant,
Bending of my knees only belong to my lord

I see people laughing while the occupation goes on,
Gossiping in Coffee Shops about fashion and movies
Little do they know, they stand on the sacred land of Kashmir
Where graveyards run with the blood of the Shaheeds
Drops of blood that fell years ago, are still fresh in the desolation

Then I see those, whose life values on fighting oppression,
Occupation of their land has not stopped them from speaking out
Every atom of their spirit is rebellling to be free
You can’t suppress a struggle, in whose DNA lives the hope to be free
One can kill a man even torture him, but can’t touch his soul meant to be free

When that old mother, whose son was slained while he played in the park
Raises her hands towards the sky, asking freedom for the enslaved paradise,
With tears in her eyes, screaming with the hurt
Allah will listen to her cries one day, the day we are all patient for,
That day even its ashes shall create fire


3 thoughts on “Khaakistarash: The Ashes

  1. This storey applies every part of the world,especially most parts of Muslim world. Do not get much emotion,it will continue until last day of this world, donot worry, it is the secret matters of allah,.


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