The Buried Pacifier

No truce
No inquiry
will bring them back,

Below the butcher’s chop knife
lies the mankind
Insanity overpowered it

Lands, Borders
Don’t matter
Not even passports

‘1000 people have been killed’
says the megalomaniac tv host
With a grin, the diplomat listens

Tweets and trends
Posts and likes
Did not save them

A mother loses her baby
Carried over 9 months, Under the rubble
Lies the buried Pacifier

Few weeks after
My friends removes his ‘Gazzah’ picture
‘Justin Bieber is my life’

I remember ‘Ummah’
During Genocides, Wars
Or anniversaries of them

My insanity has taken over
Weeds have grown on my soul
My humanity has turned rot

Lets celebrate
Over a cup of coffee
Blood has become Ketchup now


2 thoughts on “The Buried Pacifier

  1. it is sad when people take this as “seasonal trend”, it hits the Trending Topic this whole week, but later, they forget as it happened before century. when posts and tweets do not save them,
    what can I do for them?
    what should I do for them?
    (other than bring the protest to the street and charity)
    sometimes I feel shame on myself. crying for their suffering, yet still sitting in my room. i wish i could go there, and do something for them.
    May Allah please the martyrs in Jannah, and give strength to the survivor to deal with the pain.


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