Indian Media’s War on Kashmir

Although this story is of 2010, when 127 Kashmiris most of them youngsters were killed in cold blood by Indian Forces in Kashmir. But this also presents a reality of how Indian media has consistently hidden the truth about Kashmir to the Indian Public.

The skeletons of 2600+ bodies in unmarked graves and mass graves that have been found, are being dismissed as bodies of militants from Pakistan. Anything that breaks the fringes of lunatic Indian nationalism is being brought down. News channels such as NDTV, Times Now and CNN IBN have dismissed the Occupation of Kashmir as a case of ‘misgovernance’. NDTV compares the killing of 17-year-old Tufail Matoo to the lost eye of an Indian Para-military trooper, or Times Now calls the protesters a ‘unruly mob’ but have no hesitation in calling Egyptian protesters as ‘protesters’ or CNN IBN puts Kashmir’s aspirations with Marathi Pride.

Remember the phone tapping incident in 2010, when Indian Media snooped on two ordinary Kashmiris, talking about protests? They were labelled as Lashkar Terrorists and how they are killing people on their own. They translated the conversation into English which sounded totally different than what was spoken about. Here’s the link ‘Media Lies About Kashmir’.

Or the recent acquittal of Mirza Nissar Hussain who was set free after spending 16 years in Jail, without any substantial evidence to put him in Jail. Indian Media has almost hidden this case from public glare, there is no Arnaub Goswami shouting on the top of the lungs “What about their 16 years?”. Well they won’t.

Cut to 2010.

Chandan Mitra the Editor in Chief of the Pioneer issued an apology to the whole Indian nation, for accidentally publishing an opinion piece calling India’s killing a genocide (the ‘G’ was uttered thrice in the article). It had created a lot of furor among the ilk of Chandan Mitra, how can a right-wing-extreme-nationalist-newspaper publish such writings. As the ‘good boy’ he is , he published the apology on the front-page of the Pioneer, sucking upto the government, showing off Indian Army Soldiers on top of some rock carrying a flag. clichéd nationalism.

Here is the piece by GN Shaheen a prominent lawyer of Kashmir Bar Association and the General Secretary during 2010.

New genocide policy in J&K

By G. N. Shaheen
The Pioneer
Saturday, June 12, 2010

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh talks of ‘zero tolerance’ on human
rights abuses, but does nothing to rein in the Army from implementing
a new policy of genocide which targets children — this renders his
calls for peace bogus.

With their movements restricted and phone lines jammed, the residents
of  Shri nagar Valley craved more for departure of Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh than the sops, CBM’s and political promises he
announced. The visit ended hopelessly, as expected. The people of
Jammu & Kashmir do not differ with former Pakistan President Pervez
Musharraf, who once famously said that Manmohan Singh wants to do
something to resolve the Kashmir dispute but has no courage to do so.

Nevertheless, in view of the peace process undertaken by the
governments of India and Pakistan in follow up of the Sharm-el-Shiekh
and Thimpu proclamations, the visit had assumed greater political

Against this backdrop, it was presumed that the Indian Prime Minister
would focus on three subjects — settlement of the Kashmir dispute as
the core issue between India and Pakistan which has endangered the
peace and security in perpetuity in the South Asian region,
implementation of the Prime Minister’s promise of “zero tolerance” on
human rights violations, and, the offer of a political dialogue to
resolve the Kashmir issue.

Ironically, the Prime Minister did not seem to be even peripherally
attentive or focused on any of these three issues. As such his visit
was a routine exercise in obduracy.

He did make a bogus call for “dialogue” with all sections of the
people of Jammu & Kashmir for restoring peace and normalcy in the
state with the condition that the talks would be held with the
separatists provided they shun the path of violence. This rhetoric
has been reiterated by the Prime Minister as had been done by his
predecessors in office since 1947. It had no takers in Jammu &
Kashmir as the cause of the violence is the perpetuation of the
Kashmir dispute and Indian denials to resolve the core issue.

The violence is a symptom not the cause, and unless the basic cause
is addressed these offers would not have takers. Nor can it be
expected to yield any positive result. A section of the separatist
leaders had in the recent past placed faith on such a call from New
Delhi but ended up only becoming party to some photo sessions. In the
process not only was their credibility shaken but their own self-
confidence was badly dented. In this context, the APHC(G) led by Syed
Ali Gilani, the APHC(M) led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and the JKLF led
by Mohammad Yasin Malik were genuine in rejecting the call for talks
made by the Prime Minister in unequivocal and unambiguous terms along
with United Jahad Council Chief Syed Salahuddin.

The common Kashmiri firmly believes that nothing would change till
such time as India, Pakistan and the Azadi leadership sit for talks
under the rubric of a concrete and structural framework for finding a
peaceful and permanent resolution to the Kashmir dispute. The Indian
Prime Minister is committed internationally to his promise of “zero
tolerance” on human rights violations but this promise has proved
farcical. Singh, instead of accepting the gross realities on human
rights abuses which are marked by extra judicial killings, fake
encounters, random arrests and sexual abuse of women as a means of
state oppression to subjugate the will of the people, seems to be
back-tracking on his promise by relating human rights violations to
the rhetoric of cross-border infiltration.

The gruesome execution of three youngsters of Nadihal in north
Kashmir by the Army in a staged encounter at the Line of Control is
an eye opener for all. Under the new pattern of genocide carried out
by the authorities, young school-going children are targeted
purposefully to deter future generations from embarking on the path
of freedom. Asiya and Nelofar’s double murder at Shopian, the death
of a Class 7 student, Wamiq Farooq of Rainawari, the killing of Class
9 student Zahid Farooq of Brian Nishat are but symbolic of this
official policy. None of these children were militants or remotely
connected with any political party, yet they had to lose their lives
at the hands of the armed forces.

Undoubtedly, the peace process between India and Pakistan is of
enormous value, but the intransigencies inherent with the Indian
establishment makes this fragile and delicate. However, major global
powers, including the US, China and the European Union, realise the
urgency of a resolution of political disputes across the globe,
significant among them Palestine and Kashmir, which have long
endangered peace, security and stability in West and South Asia.
Neither paucity of time nor brute suppression can change the nature
of the Kashmir issue and its implications upon the peace security and
development in the region. Therefore, it is time for the contending
parties of the Kashmir conflict to seize the opportunity and find out
a peaceful resolution to the dispute in the larger interests of
global and regional peace security stability and development.
– The writer is General Secretary, J&K High Court Bar Association

Here is the link: (it has been removed due to no existing archive?)

There has been no media attention on the crackdown on protesters in Kashmir. No integral part this, when it comes to the shameful acts of the government.

Thousands of Kashmiri youngsters have been put under Public Safety Act. Many have been let off by the government but they have to present themselves to the Police stations every week. Minors have been arrested consistently by the Indian Government in Kashmir. There have been arrests over Facebook posts in Kashmir, some pages have witnessed crackdown by JK Police.

There is a proverb in Kashmir. ‘Poz nyukh ratith’ (Truth has been arrested.) It applies to the current state of affairs in Indian Administered Kashmir.

The Indian Media as a tool of war and propaganda when it comes to Kashmir. And it’s not shocking to see many Indians rabid with nationalism issuing death threats on Twitter and other social media websites. The Media has made them like it. The bias and lunatic nationalism when it comes to reporting on Kashmir serves as a ‘cheerleading squad’ dancing on the deaths, arrests, rapes of Kashmir.

Truth has been buried under Shahrukh Khan’s boots dancing in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, while Anushka Sharma dances in Hot Pants while Kashmiris shiver in cold.

But like this article by GN Shaheen, truth has its own ways to come out.

Truth Shall Set Us Free.


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