My First Spoken Poetry: Bullets for Hope


I wrote the following poem in like 30 minutes before I was going on stage. I was nervous, but somehow composed. I closed my eyes and the verses just came into my head. Flowing like a stream on the paper. My name was called, and I went to the stage. Adjusted my mic height (tall), inhale. exhale. “My name is Muhammad Faysal, I come from Kashmir, an occupied nation where half a million people have been killed since 66 years. This poem is for them and for my friend, Anees.”


There I was standing

Stunned, Shaken, Shattered

Tear-gas smoke enveloped me

Tears fell,

So did the stone in my hand.

Bullets for hope


A bullet has pierced my heart,

Blood has splattered

on the green grass below,

I am falling,

With the stone in my hand

Bullets for hope


The Goliaths came,

Trampled on my bloodied body,

“Kill him, Kill this bastard”

One of them, pierced his rifle in the hole

Grinning, belittling my body

I heard these faint noises

“Kill him, Kill this b….”

Bullets for hope



My eyes are closing,

I see a beautiful flash,

A woman holds me

In her lap



She is crying,

“You were too young,

don’t die so soon my son”

My soul leaves

I am dying,

My hopes to be free are dying with me

“For how long will we get Bullets for Hope?

I ask


My soul is caged in,

the soil of my enslaved land

My brothers are either in graves,

marked and unmarked



My sisters have been

raped off their chastity

and called ‘liars’ by those,

who sit on their thrones



My mothers stare

at the knobs of the door,

awaiting the return

of their sons.




In the land of sufis and saints

with colors of blood for paint

Kashmir has nothing to gain

Only to free itself from this perpetual pain



Here is the video of the performance


And those where YouTube is inaccessible you can watch this on Facebook link



4 thoughts on “My First Spoken Poetry: Bullets for Hope

  1. Dear Faysal
    As i am writing this tears are filled in my eyes, there is a lump in my throat, mind is stuck with thoughts, heart is filled with pain, nose is sniffing something, ears are hearing the unknown voices…. And this is all because of your thought provoking poem….
    Beautifully written…Honesty in every line…Pain in every word…..Fantabulous…Maverick….Keep writing…


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