When we come in to this world, we are empty. We have nothing. We are like the blank blackboards. We grow up; we are possessed with dreams and aspirations. We live in our own fantasies some with their fairy lands, others with their cars. Our life is carved with what others expect of us. We listen, we carry them too.

Then there comes a time, when their expectations take over as our dreams.We try hard to fulfil them. Sometimes they work and we live our life like puppets of their expectations. But sometimes the dreams don’t work. Then we feel depressed and saddened at the aspect of them being heartbroken. We think of ourselves as worthless.Β Our friends, who we thought were our friends, slowly go out of our circle of life. Like that flash book, we are slowly left with nobody.

We lose faith. We become victims of our hopelessness. So much so, we are too sad to think of new hopes and dreams. We think we live in a hopeless world. Everything going against you.. Every day the quagmire of hopelessness takes us to base of nothingness. We are back to that blank blackboard chalked with hurt and experiences.

There has to come a time, when we have to live on our terms. Our dreams may not be what others expect from us, but if we try hard enough with faith and dedication, our dreams can overwhelm their expectations.

In the end, even this shall pass away. We are today here with this feeling; tomorrow we will have a different feeling.

But the bigger question remains, what will you be remembered by when you die?


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