My First Poem: Azadi

Why we need
Everyone asks me

I tell them to listen,
The cries of the Mother who has sings no lullabies anymore

I tell them to watch,
The Tears Of The father trickling down the wretched face

I tell them to hear,
The silent wails of The wife who lost the reason of singing ballads

I tell them to see,
The broken back of a brother who lost his support

I tell them to witness,
The innocence of the children who still wait for their Papa to come home

The Chinar sheds leaves like tears
On the unknown bodies that lie buried under her shade
The Dal has lost her purity and charm
To the thousands of corpses of kids floating inside
The Mountains who have died inside
Witnessing the crimes against humanity
The Birds that stopped singing the songs of love and happy
To the songs of blood and wailing

The Streets where massacred mortals lay dead
The Rivers where streams flow blood
The Sky which rains tears

Drawing lines on the map isn’t the azaadi,
It’s the unquenchable thirst of freedom
Every speck of my land has been caged, buried and traumatized
Let me tell You that everything in Kashmir needs azaadi,

We want freedom like the birds have
Like the Bulbul in our ancient times…

To Be Continued…..

Note:Β  This is the first poem that I ever wrote about my country almost 7 years ago, in that winter of 2006. This is how it all started…


4 thoughts on “My First Poem: Azadi

  1. Nobody has right to keep anybody sleeve,because Allah made every human ,especialy mankind free.only Islam gave us real freedom.insha Allah soon we Kashmiri will be free like birds


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