Mumbles: Heavy Bags vs Heavy Hearts

There was a time when stress was felt when thinking will the teacher beat me with a stick or a steel scale. Or if the front-seat of my school bus was taken by somebody else. Or when Rani used to wake me up and say “Strike Call has been withdrawn” (and I had delayed my homework) Or when I used to think of the reaction of Baba over my 2/10 marks in Maths. Or when I broke the glass pane during cricket.

Those times I wondered how these situations would be easily dealt when I grow up.

Now, all I think of how my childhood issues were much smaller and not even close to what I face today. Life throws us so many arrows to endure and fight to survive. This sure is exciting when you overcome adversities. And it hurts when you stumble.

Learning to pick yourself up not waiting for others or to embrace the hurt with a smile or being compassionate to those who aren’t. Learning and observing how life surrounds you. We adapt, adjust and better ourselves. We become wise.

I would trade all this wisdom for the child that I was before. Scraped knees for sure hurt less than broken hearts. Heavy school-bags seem lighter than a heavy heart.

But then life goes on. I also remember that Allah doesn’t test us more than our capacities to endure them. Sometimes when it gets too much, I tell myself “Wow, Allah thinks I am a Superman.” Maybe I am.

Then every night before I take a heavy sigh, I remember the words that my high school teacher said, “Even this shall pass away”.

P.S: In short. I need a break. I want to go home.


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