Rose Petals of Kashmir

Wala taqooloo liman yuqtalu feesabeeli Allahi
amwatun bal ahyaon walakinla tashAAuroon (2:154)

Slippers, shoes and a silent prayer
Is all they left for their families
Carrying a corpse of light
In the Caravan of grief and tears

Mourners became the one
Mourned upon,
The corpse of light
Shot with machine guns

Fathers, Grandfathers, Mothers
Brothers, Sisters, Sons
Falling writhing in pain
Knocked down
Stood their ground,
Braving bullets
Carried the bodies
Shrouded and naked
On their shoulders
To the graveyard
which smells of blood

Wonder if unborn dwellers of wombs
knew if they would lose their walking stick.
Or the brides with their colourful henna
Wouldn’t even smear blood of their grooms
Or Mothers who waited to have sons with Dastaar
Will see headshots instead.

Returned back to the earth,
In the homes where their
blood became light
illuminating dark.

Rose petals
of Kashmir
were stripped
of all their colour

One day, we will sit together
Glorifying our resistance
Not reading obituaries
Our memories will become
Folklore for our children

We will go to the martyrs graveyards
That mark our beautiful terrain
Carrying our children on shoulders
Narrating the glory of our heroes
Epitaphs will read Freedom
To those who were martyred in the Hawal Massacre on 21st of May, 1990. The funeral of Shaheed Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq which was showered with bullets by Indian Occupying Forces in Srinagar, Kashmir. To the highest heavens, Insha Allah.

Blessed be thee, Oh nation of Martyrs.



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