Khan Al Khalili and the Kashmiri Shawl Seller

Few months ago, when I was walking by Khan Al-Khalili in the Old Cairo. An Egyptian came to sell me something, as I walked. He had shawls on his shoulders. Reminded me of the Boulevard in Srinagar where similar scenes happen to foreign tourists such as Indians.

So he asked me in Arabic (which alhamdulilah I am getting good at) if I wanted Pashmina. I grinned at my friends who were with me. Thinking okay, lets deal with this now.

“Can I see them?”
“Okay” in affirmative said the Egyptian.
After I used my skills that I have learnt with Baba while on our trips to Delhi and Goa. I checked the label, it said “Kashmiri Pashmina”. It was a fake one, possibly Made in China.

“This is not Pashmina.”
“How do you know?” asked this curious Egyptian.
I grinned a little more and like in the movies, I turned my head. (Just making this dramatic)

“Coz, I am the Pashmina.”

The Egyptian snatched the fake shawls from my hands and with his Egyptian styled cuss words. My friends were laughing and so was I.

To Be Continued.

P.S: Egyptians who know about Kashmir, love it. I saw a lot of places selling something Kashmir. Even a shop was called ‘Kashmir’.


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