Kashmir: Open Air Prison

Courtesy qdawood.wordpress.com
Courtesy qdawood.wordpress.com

800,000 Troops hold a Population in an Open-Air Prison. A barbed-wired-democracy is remote controlled from the plains after the mountains. Which is used according to the needs of those who have been told ‘you are incharge’.

There are mountains and rivers, springs and lakes in the prison. The land was divided into two, a prison was established hence-forth. A prisoner cannot visit his mother in the other part of the prison lest he wants to be a ‘bravery award’ for the troops.

There are a lot of buildings in this Prison although the graveyards outnumber them.

In this prison, the Inmates are allowed to eat, drink and clothe themselves. They are provided with internet and mobile phones which help in intimate surveillance.The inmates are allowed to hangout with other inmates at coffee shops, weddings and the occasional funeral of an inmate killed by a sadistic trooper. Sometimes there are incidents of rapes by these troops which are condoned by the authorities.
Protests for water, electricity and roads are met with bullets (leave alone for freedom). Speaking of rights and freedom is strictly banned. Reading materials left by intellectual prisoners inside the prison are changed according to their taste  (e.g We are not the Integral Part of you). Some of the intellectual prisoners are given better ‘leftovers’ to write in the praise of his majesty and the realm.

Each inmate has an identity card like the serial numbers of Jews in Nazi Concentration Camps. While some inmates who enjoy the enslavement have called it ‘their normal life’. Others are not willing to barter the spirit of freedom hence the prison employs troops which question the presence of the imposed prison.

When the Others march on the gates, they are massacred. The leaders of the Others are kept inside cells. One spark of reality and everyone is turned into their cells including the ‘some’. With Troops choking their movement, while those who are in hands and gloves like petty thieves, mafia and informers have a ball.

The fear of these house-negroes and their twats is such that Parents of new born inmates are not allowed to think and talk against the authorities which have established a prison of their land. The Prison authorities encourage the new-born inmates to apply for ‘you are incharge’ posts. Making them think that these are the highest form of achievements.

Sometimes (s)elections are held within the prison. The candidates (maggots which are chosen) are given a promise of ‘You are Incharge’ Ministries. The hapless prisoners who stay in their cells are be-fooled into voting for the maggots. The maggots are already chosen across the plains. Voting is just a recreation of the barbed-wired-democracy.

When the visitors from faraway lands ask for a report on the protests and the mass-graves of prisoners. The realm in the plains call these protests as ‘minor’ disturbances and that these ‘mass-graves’ are of those across the wall.

While the ‘some’ are sipping coffee and best cuisines from prison restaurants.The ‘others’ gave kept resisting with their children who have taken upon themselves, To free themselves, soon.

Welcome to Kasheer, India’s Occupied Territory. And world’s largest open air prison.

P.S: Written on the epitaph of a grave “Every Open-Air Prison comes with an expiry date” will come true sooner or later.


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