Revolution is Incomplete

The Dogra Tyranny and Oppression was such that everything was taxed upo, save water and air. Those Kashmiris who were unable to pay were subjected to Begaar or Forced Labour. They used to made carry loads on their backs. If on the way they got sick, they were thrown from the mountains into deep gorges.

The Educated Kashmiris who had returned from Aligarh had started to think about freedom from slavery. On July 13, this party of Educated Kashmiris (also called the Reading Room Party) created a memorandum to be sent to Maharaja. Then as they were leaving, A Young Kashmiri stood up and delivered a Speech that shook an empire

β€œThe honour, respect and reverence of the Holy Qur’an are dearer to the Muslims than earthly kingdoms. They can never tolerate any interference in their religion or defilement of their Holy Book. The government of the Maharaja does not care for his subjects. It has no touch with the people, or any sympathy for the downtrodden. Oh, Muslims arise! Time has come when you should retaliate bricks with stones. I warn you that your representatives and memorials won’t rescue you, nor will these papers remove injustice and misery. You must stand on your own legs and fight against the autocratic force. Even if, you have no arms, fight with sticks and stones.”

On July 13, 22 Kashmiris were massacred demanding freedom of Abdul Qadeer Khan who was imprisoned for being ‘seditious’.

Years from now, Kashmir is still under oppression. This time the names and faces are different, but oppression still continues.
Ranbir Act the predecessor of Public Safety Act is still in place. Dogra Tyrants memorials are still in ‘care’ of the Indian government in Kashmir. Our streets, hospitals and colleges are named after the very persons who skinned Kashmiris alive.

Today, the government which stands over the graves of Kashmiris is paying tributes to these martyrs by caging the people in a siege. The very government is indulged in the oppression which it claims these martyrs fought upon.

The tyrants for the last 81 years since the July 13 Revolution have given us reasons to keep fighting for the next 800 years. We Kashmiris win and sometimes are defeated, but we have never given up resisting. This is in our DNA, which is irreplaceable.

The Revolution is incomplete.


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