The Home that is Kashmir

Everyday that I breathe the air of this land, the more blessed and proud I feel of being born here. Allah created human beings and the reason he sent us in different lands must have wisdom behind it. Here the people smile in the worst of adversities and remember what they lost in the form of folklore and storytelling sessions with the next generation. Here they don’t have guns to fight but bare courage to hold on to.

A random stranger sits with you on a bus stop and greets you ‘Eid Mubarak’. A grand old woman kisses your forehead as if you were there all along and when you ask her to pray for you. The dua almost never ends. Here the kids don’t listen to you if you scold them but if you turn on the advice button. They will love you even more. The baker will give you an extra bread just because you always called her ‘Mummy’. The barber always asks about you even if you are away, far away. The neighbourhood cleaner or the sheikh smiles when you convey salaam to him.

There are so many small things that make your day so beautiful. And you don’t even realise until you reflect what has happened earlier today.

May Lord bless our land and our people. I am a proud to be from Kashmir. I am a proud Kashmiri.


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