Beloved Land of Palestine

Beloved Land of Palestine
Today I have so much to tell you
Of feelings and love that I have for you
But this broken heart’s voice may not reach you
For the noise people who flaunt you, on wrist bands and t-shirts
On Facebook pictures and posts, and tweets
Today I don’t feel like writing for you
For I feel dead inside, wretchedness has taken me over
I ask a question to myself
“Why do I remember you Palestine on Nakbas, Naksas,
Massacres, Hunger Strikes, Phosphorus bombings, Settlements?”

“Have I failed you?”
I hear no answer
Voices of dead humans
Seldom echo β€” Life


Palestine (Photo credit: Zachary Baumgartner)

My voice
Doesn’t echo in the
Noise of Materialistic Zombies.


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