Iqbal: The Poetic Notebook Of Mullazade Zaigham Of Laulab

Pani Tere Chashmon Ka Tarapta Huwa Simaab
Murghan-E-Sahar Teri Fazaon Mein Hain Betaab

Ae Wadi-e-Lolaab!

Gar Sahib-E-Hangama Na Ho Manbar-O-Mehrab
Deen Banda’ay Momin Ke Liye Mout Hai Ya Khawab

Ae Wadi-e-Lolaab!

Hain Saaz Pe Mauqoof Nawa Ha’ay Jigar Souz
Diheele Hon Agar Taar To Bekaar Hai Mizraab

Ae Wadi-e-Lolaab!

Mullah Ki Nazar Noor-E-Firasat Se Hai Khali
Be-Soz Hai Maikhana’ay Sufi Ki Mai’ay Naab

Ae Wadi-e-Lolaab!

Baidar Hon Dil Jis Ki Faghan-E-Sahari Se
Iss Qoum Mein Muddat Se Woh Darvesh Hai Nayab

Ae Wadi-e-Lolaab!

English Translation:

Your springs and lakes
with water pulsating and quivering like quicksilver,
the morning birds fluttering about the sky,
agitated and in turmoil,

O Valley of Laulab!

When the pulpit and the niche
cease to re‐create Resurrections,
faith then is dead or a mere dream,
for thee, me and for all.

O Valley of Lolab!

The Mullah’s sight has lost
the light of penetrative discernment;
the mystic’s wine, pure and sparkling,
no longer produces frenzy,

O Valley of Lolab!

A dervish
whose morning lamentation
may awaken the hearts of the people
is no longer around,

O Valley of Lolab!


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