Censored Realities

“Edit the pictures”
“No, this one is too gory”
“No, this has too much blood”
“Why are you showing open wounds”

Apparently, those killed in the wars have no TRPs
The Box cannot assemble the broken limbs and bones
Into a TV slot which is ‘view-able’ for the world

“I mean why would you want to show war in your country,
Show some rivers and lakes, mountains and meadows”
But what about those who are float in the waters,
and those who are buried into the earth without epitaphs?
“You won’t get tourists, if you show pictures of brain matter on the road”
Does that mean, hide all the dead and put pictures of scantily clad women?

I made the video, which never aired
For the world wants to naked bodies,
not bodies with gaping bullet wounds


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