Being Inspired by Kashmir

Inspirations from a Conflict Zone.

Imagine hearing the sounds of bullets every single day, so many times that one gets used to the timings and can decipher the forms of bullets fired.

“It is a mortar fire”, “It is a pistol fire”, “It is just a routine exercise”, “It is an ambush”.

Or the favourite TV shows are constantly interfered by power-cuts or a crackdown (when the entire neighbourhood is asked to come out of their homes and frisked), one wouldn’t like to be disturbed. But then life is more important than a TV show.

You see, the free world is a blessing for many a people who live in such an environment. They get to hear the sounds of firecrackers without their heart palpating to the memory of shootings in the past. They get to see their TV shows without the memory of realising that a particular character in a show was a favourite of a family relative who was shot dead in his face, multiple times. People of the free world go around their workplaces, universities and parties without ever thinking of how an occupied territory or a conflict zone would be, when it is ceased of its troubles.

In conflict zones, one worries more about their lives, their family and not being shot in the leg (a footballer like me did). Material things become unimportant, doing what is good and that can reward in the Judgement day in the hereafter becomes paramount.

Freedom is a great blessing. Only the one who doesn’t possess can tell you the importance of it. You see in my country, half a million people have died in longing for this human right. And millions all over the world have lost their lives and limbs just to seek it. If only the people of the free world would know, that freedom doesn’t come cheap, they wouldn’t indulge in rampant corruption and swindling resources from the people. And the citizens of the free world being witness and faking ignorance about it.

The greatest inspiration that became a part of our personality, is the fact that we don’t fear when we speak the truth. The people of an occupied zone, from children to adults to barely walking grandparents, not hesitate in speaking the truth and pointing out the wrongs against those who are unjust. But in the free world, the attitude of ‘it happens everywhere’ makes their people in the eyes of an occupied person, ‘zombies’ who walk the earth without wondering and speaking about the truth. People, if you think Voldemort will punish you, remember he is not real?

Being born and brought up in a conflict zone made me grow into an outspoken, rebellious and hopeful human being, who wishes for peace and establishment of justice in the world.

World Peace is a utopic thought when we think of it. Wars will keep happening, the struggles for justice will continue, the oppressors will keep oppressing, the aspirations of justice will still be far-fetched but being a part of this journey becomes peace. What if every single day of your life, you try to make a small effort to make a difference. How many homeless people do you see around? Have you ever tried to speak to them? Have you ever made an effort that they get their meals? Or even tried to empower them, so that they won’t be homeless no-more?

Have you ever been a reason of the smile of an orphan child? The reason of his inspiration and hope? Have you ever put your hand on their foreheads and seen the twinkle of promising future in their eyes?

If you do have an answer to these questions, you are trying to make a difference in the world. If not, you still have time to inspire and lead others.

Being away from Kashmir and feel helpless everyday about not doing enough. Of not being there on the streets, trying to contribute to the people and their struggles. I feel an empty void inside, that is only filled with the thoughts of making a difference thousands of miles away from home. One can be away from Kashmir, but the Kashmiri inside of me is entwined with my spirit. And that keeps me going every single day for the rest of my life.


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