18 Security Checks at Srinagar ‘Airport’

First of all, you’ll have to go through a lot of processes if you are coming to Kashmir. Barrage of questions at Indian Embassies, plus filling a form where you have to write if you have any relatives in Pakistan Controlled Kashmir. Then you have to be lucky and pray a lot to be approved of travelling to Kashmir.

You should take in notice the extra attention you’ll be given not to your liking by sickurity and their agencies.


Srinagar International Airport is in actual a Military air base for Indian Troops. It is not an international airport (just in the name). There has only been one International Flight from Dubai to Srinagar and after that it never took off.

The airport is not managed by Airport Authority of India, which is a norm in other regions in Indian Mainland. It is managed by the Indian Army.

When you are departing from Srinagar and are on the way to the airport, you’ll witness military camps and mountains. When you reach the airport, you’ll be stranded for approximately 30 minutes on average, unless you are lucky.

And the you have to pass security checks. In Kabul, Afghanistan the number of security checks as many as three, they are atleast 18 in number in Kashmir as a Kashmiri Journalist (Nasrun Mir) describes.

Security check 1: Outside the main heavily barricaded gate the first security check is done when paramilitary asks you to show your tickets and meanwhile couple of trooper check the car with those reflective glass equipment.

Security Check 2: As you enter the airport you are asked to come down and put your entire luggage into an x-ray machine.

Security Check 3: Here apart from passing metal detectors a serious round of frisking of individuals are done.

Security Check 4: At the same time another group of troopers frisk your car which includes even checking pressure of extra emergency tyre.

Security Check 5: At the departures gate a cop again checks your ticket and also verifies your identification by checking your ID details.

Security Check 6: You are again asked to put your all luggage through an x ray check after the cop allows you to move.

Security Check 7: After that there is another round of frisking.

Security Check 8: This is the normal identification check by the airline at their counter.

Security Check 9: Once you receive your boarding, before you enter the lounge a cop will again see check your boarding card and will also do your ID verification.

Security Check 10: Just when you cross him if you are carrying a handbag another x ray check is must.

Security Check 11: Followed by another frisking by the cops.

Security Check 12: If you are carrying any electronic goods in your handbag, despite three rounds of x-ray, you will be asked to go another frisking counter where you have to start your electronic gadgets. In case you carry perfume, lipstick or lotion, you have to wear it.

Security Check 13: After that do your baggage identification

Security Check 14: Now if you want to sit inside the lounge area after all these checks a cop outside the sitting area will again check your boarding, and also the necessary marking of stamps that police officials have done.

Security Check 15: When the boarding is announced, you are allowed to move towards the tarmac after another security check by the guards, where they check your boarding and compulsory stamps.

Security Check 16: As you walk on the tarmac, airline officials will do their first check.

Security Check 17: It will be followed in the middle of the tarmac by another serious round of frisking by police in open air. This is will also be a free of cost body massage.

Security Check 18: I am now clubbing two checks: Before collection of boarding passes, airline officials will again check your baggage tags and boarding passes and after that there will be the final boarding check.

I think if stressed, we may have plus 18 checks.

Also, you cannot take pictures from air. Humiliation is guaranteed. Thanks For Flying from a Military Base. Plus frequent flying to Kashmir may result in involuntarily hands going up, when you pass a security gate in any airport around the world.

Plus hug and bid farewell at the main gate because only one person is allowed with passenger/s.


9 thoughts on “18 Security Checks at Srinagar ‘Airport’

  1. Hmm… sounds bizarre … boils down to 1 simple Q in my head …

    Do these ” 18 + super security checks ” ensure that scrupulous elements aka Terrorists and the likes of them , have no way to surpass kash airport? .. Do they ?


  2. And thigs go worse if you are in islamic atire..
    Once from mumbai to kashmir and many times from delhi no one ever asked me for identity card on delhi or.mumbai airport but thevery first time I travelled wearing abaya things changed….even a minor spelling mistake on my ticket was an issue…and I was made to go from one office to another and at last was allowed to board when indigo airlines officials stamped my ticket….hell worst experience. ..


  3. I left Srinagar a few days before the Ramzan Eid this year, and somewhere in between those pre airport check points where the cars are stopped every few metres, something rather insane happened. There was a man driving someone to the airport, he had a skull cap on (my driver explained he was an imam + ramzan) and suddenly the CRPF crazies went on high alert, ran all over the place and shot at the freaking car. The man came out with his hands above his head and asked what had happened. they said ‘galti ho gayi’. yet again my driver explained that they thought this man was probably a terrorist/insurgent. ( of course, flights are the best way for terrorists to commute. ) I was already thoroughly upset about leaving Srinagar, and this particular incident made me cry. Now though, i am starting to get used to feeling ashamed of being an Indian at least in documents.

    Also, you missed those lovely, very welcoming signs that announced that trespassers will be shot.


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