Candies became dreams

There are times in our childhood, when we were stubborn. I was a stubborn kid too, maybe I still am. If I set my sights on something or if I felt like doing something I did it. Like looking at the Pomegranate Juice shop in Central Market of Delhi, looking at my father and he got the signal. If I wanted to climb a tree, I would do it no matter how high it was or if I wanted to cycle through the muddy clogged water on streets during rains I would do it.

If I wanted candies, I would go away from home and look at the candy jar of the shopkeeper, and buy them with the 1 rupee coins that I collected from; under the carpets, in the closets, in old clothes, in socks or anywhere where I would put the money (usually to hide it from my brother).

Today, there are no candy jars to eat from. There are no pomegranate juice shops to drink from. There are no trees to climb on. There no muddy streets to cycle and wade through. Now the aims are high and not tang…ible. They are dreams that have been weaved all my life.

I realise doing those things in my childhood, taught me one thing very important. That Faysal, if you set your aims and work on it you’ll accomplish them. Maybe you won’t get candies this time to run away from. You have to come back, realise your dreams and accomplish what you always wanted to do. Return home and be an asset to the struggle.

You will do it. Insha Allah.


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