Media ratings of Human Sufferings

Last night Israel struck Gaza, Palestine yet again. Aren’t we so used to this news? Anyway why I am posting this is a different reason. You see when Gaza was struck with barrage of Israeli rockets, there was a huge flood of social updates everywhere. It stuck me yet again although I didn’t want to share it but then I wanted to just let it out.

You see when Kashmiris are slaughtered, imprisoned and tortured. Their’s not an iota of news and if there is (it feels like eid), it is a flash of a minute. Probably a little more if the Journalist is trying to take bytes of pictureseque locales. There are very less social updates, more by Kashmiris themselves plus the usual Indians in denial. What I am trying to say is that Kashmiris don’t bleed like others do, probably because we have never been regarded as ‘the people’ but mythical creatures from the Land where Bollywood songs are shot. It reminds me of Muzzammil’s oft repeated quote of Shylock in the Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, “If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed”?
Now you have the Palestinians who are feeling left out by the coverage of Syrian Carnage, and Syrians themselves feel ‘It is not enough’. I wonder what a Kashmiri would think? Or what a Uighur would feel when he is covered, probably a-it-must-be-a-dream-go-back-to-sleep.

The media coverage is like a rating meter of the blood value, 1) Palestine: If an Arab leader gives a pro palestinian statement that makes him the hero. 2) Syria: You are either with Americans or You are with Saudi or You are with Iran or You are with the Revolution. 3) Kashmir: If you talk about Kashmir, you’ll be a legend. For example when Gaddafi was losing his realm in Libya, most people that I know would never accept the revolution. Since Gaddafi had spoken a 10 sec line on ‘Independence of Kashmir’ at the United Nations. Or when Erdogan spoke of Kashmir at UN, there was a even higher romanticism of Turkey back home.

Anyway, why I am writing this is that the Media is trying to take leverage on our sufferings. That doesn’t mean we should undermine each other’s sufferings. We should be human enough to alleviate the sufferings of all. Cus if you don’t support the oppressed of other nations, than you are not really supporting the oppressed of your ‘chosen’ nation.
Sufferings are universal, so should be our reaction to them.
Humans first.
P.S: I am sure there’s a Chechen, Karabakhian, Naga, Tribal Indian, Afghan, Rohingya, West Papuan, Bahraini, Yemeni, Iraqi, Kurd, Tuareg in Mali… who will be wincing because I didn’t mention them. Now I did. I meant all of you when I wrote this one.

And also Viva Algerie for Qualifying to the World Cup *confetti*


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