The Little Mushtaq Peers

If we’ve been wronged for long, , we tend to ignore the wrongs even with clear evidences. We are no longer interested in knowing the truth of the matter. The wrongs have paralyzed our conscious to the point that ‘wrongs become the right’. We refused to acknowledge our wrongs without realising that we are wrong. And when that happens, you become the part of the circle of wrongs.


Over the past week, Mushtaq Peer the erstwhile the Chairman of Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE) has dominated the headlines in Kashmiri Newspapers. He is accused of being the Kingpin of a massive scam , where he copied MBBS entrance examination papers and sold them later on to brokers. The brokers in turn made massive amount of money by selling them to some ‘affluent’ families. This seems to have send shivers down the spines of people. Everyone on Social Media to Khayam barbecue shop fronts seems to be talking about it. More than the ‘Apartheid Wall’ that India is building akin to the wall in Palestine or Berlin Wall.

It seems, that the big fish has been caught.

But, we all know this is an open-secret. This selling of Medical Seats or question papers has been going on since a long time. In fact, it seems that India’s biggest representative in Kashmir, Dr Farooq Abdullah and his motor-mouth of a brother Dr Mustafa Kamal were given medical seats in a similar fashion.

During my 8th Grade Board Examination, there was rampant selling of Examination Papers. In-fact the culture is such that, night before the exams there are conversations like “Did you get the paper?”. Same happens during Tenth Grade Examinations and even Twelfth Grade Examinations. It is all an open secret, that in the name of ‘Donations’ Β to ‘institutions’Β there are so many Doctors on the ground working or still studying medicine. Ain’t no fair deal in Kashmir, everything sells even bodies of innocent kids killed in massacres.

Corruption has become a part of culture in Kashmir. ‘Chai’ is a small amount of money (read bribe) given when your work is done or is intended to. If you want to change the old telephone wires and the Telecom department comes, you are bound to pay ‘chai’ a nominal RS 500 to the technician. Or when you get a number-plate for your new car, you have to pay ‘chai’ to the person handling it. Or when your kid is born, you got to pay ‘chai’ lest they take your new-born as a ransom. Recently, I refused to pay ‘chai’ to a technician who was supposed to do his work. I denied the bribe, and he threatened me that he’ll undo his work. My grandmother just gave him the money, “Em’ peent seeth kyah gas'” (what will happen with this small amount).

You see these small things hardly matter. Why would a person get furious over a 500 rupee note or how would it help in buying a palatial bungalow? Right. But isn’t this how you are feeding these small fish who in turn help the big fish like Mushtaq Peers of today?

Bribe is a bribe, however small or big it is, it still is a bribe. We have become easy prey for these leeches who suck the values of our society. We are the reasons that Mushtaq Peers thrive in our society. Agreed, that the occupation machinery patronizes such people to break the will of the people. But it is also social responsibility of the society at large. For how long shall we live and suffer with the same parasites looming over our head like blood-thirsty-mosquitoes? We need to nail them down but at the same time we need to introspect.

Let us pledge not to give a bribe, big or small. Revolution starts with you and a few like you.


One thought on “The Little Mushtaq Peers

  1. Rightly said charity begins at home.If we want to bring a change in the system or change in the society we have to change ourselves starting from own and rather from our own home.


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