Fire and Light

When your tongue
forms syllables 
turning letters
Into words,
Words into a voice
Emitting fire
to engulf the dark
with your light

Your quivering lips
curving into valleys
where your soul 
took birth,
speaking stories
of pain and sorrow

Your eyes glisten
with the light of the bulbs
illuminate the vision
of freedom 
dreamt by millions
living in the mountains

Your shoulders
as if they carry
the weight of
an entire nation’s

Your soft hands
turn into a fist
when your voice
echoes of memories
and lives spent 
under the occupation

Your soul shakes 
when the words
anguish of Kunan-Poshpora
but you carry them
like hope of a certain Parveena

Among the valleys
near the dead Anchar 
by the chinar tree
stripped of its leaves
lives a man
whose lips turn into
a curve – smile 
when he says
your name
to people

Autumn leaves will fall
Snow will melt
But the spring shall come
like the brilliance
your presence brings
Fire and Light



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