Omar (Still Quotes)

Watched the Oscar nominated Palestinian Movie directed by Hany Abu-Assad, Omar. Brilliance.

Took some movie quotes from the movie.


When Omar tells Nadiya that she will know who the real traitor is…




When Omar is told in the prison by the Israeli agent Rami that he needs to work for us or else.



When a jail-inmate has a conversation with Omar.




When Nadiya asks Omar about the places they would go for their honeymoon

o 2

When Omar is released from the Israaeli prison, Nadiya has something to say



When Omar asks Tarek for Nadiya’s hand, Tarek reacts



When Nadiya tramples an insect with her feet, Omar gives a political one-liner



When Nadiya tells Omar she wants to emigrate, and Omar refuses to leave Palestine. And Nadiya tell him



When Omar talks about the shooting



When the spider-web of lies and deceit unravels



When Nadiya thinks Omar is a traitor, she pleads



When Amjad refuses to do his task and wants Tarek to do it. Tarek commands him with

omar 2


When Tarek investigates a traitor



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