Miscarriage of Justice: Save Shafqat

We need to save Shafqat.


In the recent aftermath of the gruesome Peshawar school massacre, Pakistani government decided to hang all the convicts who have been accused of terrorism. With no proper trial or investigation, it seems like mob justice which might put lives of innocents at stake.


Among those innocents is a Kashmiri, Shafqat Hussein was 15 years old when he was detained in 2004.Β At just fifteen years old Shafqat was sentenced to death under Pakistan’s infamous Anti-Terrorism Act for an asserted ‘hijacking’, which was portrayed as terrorism on the dubious premise that it β€œcreated a sense of terror in the wider community”. Shafqat was sentenced based on one thread of evidence: a constrained admission made following nine days of severe police torture.

Reprieve and Justice Project Pakistan (JPP), who are representing Mr Hussain, have raised strong concerns about the fairness of his trial in Pakistan’s notorious Anti-Terrorism Courts. The overuse of the Anti-terrorism act has put lives of about 17.000 Pakistanis at stake. Owing to incompetence of the officials in Pakistan who use this act to save their faces by detaining innocents and branding them as ‘terrorists’.

The fairness of the trial has been disputed from the very beginning which has been based on one single piece of evidence. A forced and coerced confession of Shafqat when he was just 14.Β Pakistan has signed several conventions that bar hanging juveniles as well as the UN Convention Against Torture, mandating an inquiry into his abuse.

He will be hanged, in the name of Pakistan with no fault of his, let innocents not be hanged for no crime of theirs.

Please sign the petition
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Send a Letter to the Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussein


Send this letter to your local MP:

Dear [Insert Name of MP]

I am writing to you regarding the imminent hanging of a Kashmiri youth in Pakistan. Shafqat Hussain has been sentenced to death in relation to questionable terrorism charges. His confession was made whilst being tortured and there is no substantive evidence to link him to terrorist activities. At the age of 14 he was only a minor who has now been confined on death row for a decade. Pakistan recently lifted its moratorium on the death penalty in light of the Peshawar attacks, but hanging an innocent child will not bring justice to the families who lost their children in that attack.

I urge you to please highlight this case and sign and share the petition that Reprieve have drafted. Britain has always claimed to be a bastion of democracy and a advocate of human rights and we urge British MPs to pressure their Pakistani counterparts in preventing such a travesty of justice from taking place.


Kind regards,
[Insert Your Name]


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