10 Kashmir Instagrammers you must follow.

Pictures tell a thousand words and Instagram does it well (with hashtags). Here’s a list of Kashmiri Instagram accounts that you should follow.

I have added a few more.

Mir Suhail

The masterful cartoonist who has found a great following among the youngsters with his tongue-in-cheek-cartoons and satirical portrayal of politics around Kashmir.

Relief… #KashmirFloods #relief #floodVictims #politicians #india #govt

A post shared by Mir Suhail ( ﻣﻳد ﺴﮩﻴﻞ ) (@mirsuhail) on


She’s the cloudmeister and a prodigious talent, takes such breathtaking pictures of the skies in Kashmir has turned many into sky-gazers.

"Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure." —Rumi #Sonmarg #Kashmir #people #bnw #photooftheday

A post shared by Nafisa Azhar | نَفيساٰ (@nafisa_az98) on

Ruman Hamdani

An upcoming filmmaker who has found a great following in the pictures that doesn’t just take but creates a different aura about them


A post shared by Ruman Hamdani (@theotherrumii) on


Named after the famous Agha Shahid Ali poem, this is a riveting account of conflict and life in Kashmir.


A journalist based in Kashmir who captures beautiful yet real photographs of lie and everything around it.


Dar Yasin is an Associated Press journalist based in Kashmir. He’s renowned for the work he has accomplished over the years.


A young journalist in Kashmir whose Instagram is a collection of portraits, experiences and daily life.

Nomads# Bakarwal #kashmir #india #asia #indiaphotoproject #indiaphoto #iphoneonly

A post shared by Imran Shah (@imranmanzoorshah) on


A civil engineer by profession, Sajad brings the art of visual story-telling in his posts.

Village kids. #kashmir #village #instapic #picoftheday #photooftheday #kid #childhood #winter #natgeo #photography

A post shared by Sajad Rafeeq (@sajadrafeeq) on


Ahmer Khan is armed with talent and an eye for detail. He’s one of the rising photographers from Kashmir with his work being published internationally in many magazines.


Somebody who should have been flying in the skies is postcarding Kashmir for us.

The #place where you are #free. .. #kashmir #s5 #nature #winter #chinar #life #beingneo

A post shared by Őmar Bazaz (@omarbazaz) on


Another young journalist whose pictures present the realities of Kashmir through his lens.


Majid Pandit is a photographer par excellence, you should check his website too

Endless wait. #Kashmir #People #Jammu #Photography

A post shared by Majid Pandit (@majidpandit) on



Tamim Baba is young but he has already soared bigger heights. In a few years he has earned a good reputation as photo-journalist in Kashmir. He has worked on international assignments and assisted on a documentary film Take it in Blood.

Honourable Mentions

Bye – Bye Home. #kashmir #worldthroughlens #home

A post shared by YAMIN | یامین (@yamin_chowdhary) on

"The poetry of the earth is never dead." ~John Keats

A post shared by Sania Altaf (@saniaaltaf) on

dunya chee nindree tey khabaas.

A post shared by hijabsta (@hijabsta) on


A post shared by Zoya Khan (@zoyakashmiri) on

Here’s Kashmir.PhotographyClub compiling pictures from Kashmiri Instagrammers and Photgraphers with #kpc

Feel The Rain | Photo by @sajadrafeeq . . Tag With #kpc to get Featured

A post shared by Captivating Kashmir (@captivatingkashmir) on

If you know any other Kashmiri or Kashmir based Instagram account please write in comments. Thanks 🙂


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