Je suis innocent.

I don’t identify with racist and crass satire. Neither I identify with an oppressor nor a fascist republic. I support the oppressed wherever whoever they are because I am one of them. I absolutely hate those who kill innocents and those make heroes out of these villains.

I am against the tyranny of the republic which destroys Mali, commits a genocide in Algeria, massacres the Algerian immigrants in Paris, and finishes off with an ethnic-cleansing in Central African Republic.

I am against the mass-media which makes me want to be apologetic every time a non-muslim is killed by a killer who happens to share my faith. I am against these celebrity Muslim personalities who misrepresent me in the media and forget the children in Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Kashmir who are going through worse in the chilly winter.

I am against hashtags which should’ve been there to support the humanity around the world. But erupts when a white male racist bigots are killed but concentrates on Niall Horan’s ass when Syrian children are barrel bombed by Assad. I refuse to accept that a life of an arab is of lesser value than those of them in the west.

I refuse to be a reactionist. I refuse to be bracketed among moderate or extremist Muslim. I am a Muslim with no definitions or contexts. I reject the double-standards of freedom of expression and racism in all its forms.

I refuse to be swayed by apologetic Muslims who become popes for the sake of approval of the majority. I am in solidarity with the oppressed of the world, be it in Paris or Palestine.

May Allah strengthen the families of the victims of Paris and those who aren’t worth the TRPs.
‪#‎JeSuisCachemire‬ ‪#‎JeSuisPalestine‬ ‪#‎JeSuisSyrie‬ ‪#‎JeSuisIrak‬


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