Indian Zealots derive sadistic pleasure out of Kashmir misery on Twitter

Couldn’t help but express dismay and sadness over the response of Indians towards the recent flashfloods and waterlogging which has killed more than a dozen people. Not to generalise the entire people, but here is a specimen of how dehumanisation and demonising the people of Kashmir has become a habit of Indians. Openly calling for extermination of Kashmiris has been a constant habit, this was getting too much yesterday. Here are the few I could gather, there are thousands of such tweets.

The following handle contained vile abuse which I found too repulsive to post.

Although there were a good number of people who expressed solidarity with the people of Kashmir.


4 thoughts on “Indian Zealots derive sadistic pleasure out of Kashmir misery on Twitter

  1. Hi Faysal, I am Kamran from Kashmir working in Bangalore with a software company. The thing is people in India are not against Kashmiris, they treat me as their brother. However, it is few of us who have taken the wrong path- Is it not correct that people threw stones on Indian Army when they came to rescue us.. why?? If they are ready to help we don’t take help..and if we they don’t help..then we complain.Come on!! time has come to remove the hatred and live like human beings who are educated and want to make the world a better place to live.


  2. Thanks Faysal & Mr Mit you…I am a koshur just narrating what I have gone through here in Bangalore. If you want to experience it you are welcome, but only thing that is required is that you should be educated which you dont seem too..


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