F**k*d up occupier logic

F**k*d up occupier logic. #Kashmir


“Separatists tried to exploit sentiments” on “alleged excesses committed by security forces, misuse of AFSPA and Public Safety Act, restriction of movements of separatists, alleged apathy of government towards flood affected families, issue of return of Kashmiri pandits and number of shutdown calls”.  Minister of State for Home, HP Chaudhary in the Indian Parliament.

There could never be a greater irony than I could have ever imagined. Irony should get a new name. This is just fucked up. 

So basically if Kashmiris raise their voice against injustice they are misguided. Well, if you are unaware Kashmiris are the ones who are being killed, tortured, raped, detained for years without charge, jailed for raising the voice against the occupation, tortured for not breaking down, corrupted to have them silent and orphaned.

Also, how their houses are burnt down or they are just dragged from their homes. Voila, a new military camp crops up, in the cross-hair of the guns are children, men and women, who coincidentally are unarmed. But anyone of them can be a potential threat because each one of them has this hate against the occupation and anger against those who manage and establish it.

So when this hate and anger manifests into protests, uprisings and intifadas, after decades of systematic discrimination to weaken the resolve of the people who refuse to give up on their struggle. It turns into a song that is unbearable to these men in uniform. Ironically, their father of nation is Gandhi, whose Aatma (soul) the great projector of non-violence cannot be found among his children. So when this song turns into a rage when people put their fists in the sky and dare to look into the eyes of these occupiers. It weakens them in the knees.

You see, Kashmiris have grown up in concertina wires and bunkers sprouting in every lane and square. They have seen more funerals than weddings. Every street has a martyr who was killed.

Anyway, when the anger manifests into days of rage, the troopers fire tear-gas grenades, chilly grenades, rubber bullets, pellets and even bullets. These all are laid with expletives showing the immense hate they have for the protesters who are relentlessly opposing their control of their land and life. This non-violent is subjected to unbridled force and then the people resort to throwing rocks and stones. A centuries old culture of resistance of Kashmiris. But these are just rocks which become the manifestation of the sentiment against everything that’s wrong in an occupied territory.

Remember its stones not bombs not Molotov cocktails. The troopers are armed with protection from head to toe. They shoot pellets which has destroyed lives of many young Kashmiris who lost their eyesight. But wait, the occupier logic is “he brought it on himself”.

Another fucked up thing is when the occupier intellectuals in their fancy TV studios teach us our own history. Another high level of fucked up shit is when the studio dimwits armed with bigoted sense of nationalism tell the oppressed that “you are not oppressed, I have been to Kashmir for a week and everything is was normal”.  Since we had the ‘white savior comples’ now we have the ‘Indian savior complex that keeps telling Kashmiris that we save you but we kill you too. Live with it.

Basically what India wants from people of Kashmir is to praise their army for raping them, killing them, burning their houses, torturing them and forcing their disappearances.

But India should not be question. No voice should rise. Nobody should make a move. Nobody should speak. Well, this is fucked up. I don’t subscribe to this bullshit packaged with high maintenance studios.

We don’t want peace of the graveyards. Or the sense of security for a slave. We want peace but it only come through justice and for justice to be established, oppression will have to end. That will only end when the occupation ends.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Not my words but of JFK.

p.s: If you come with a What abouttery of Pandits? I just have one answer, I am a Muslim in Kashmir and I will not apoligise for your fear. If pandits want justice seek it from the Indian courts, we are in solidarity. If pandits want to come; they don’t need a permission from us, come however you are. But when Indian army slaughters Kashmiris; pandits need to reciprocate the solidarity. That’s how it works.

2 thoughts on “F**k*d up occupier logic

  1. In 1947, Hindus and Muslims of the sub-continent decided that they cannot live together so Muslims got their own country Pakistan and they solved their Hindu problem but we lost the territory but still are left with 180 million muslims 😦
    Now, last thing any Indian will even remotely consider is loss of another territory and still left holding 175 million muslims….that would be a pretty shitty deal for us, no? So you guys have 2 choices: take Kashmir and all of India’s muslims alongwith or just learn to live with the imperfect world, the we way Hindus of the sub-continent have.



  2. Another fucked up logic. How did you guys lose territory if undivided India belonged to both parties who later decided they couldn’t live together?
    By the way where will you throw the Dalits, the Adivasis, the Tamils, the Sikhs, the Manipuris and basically every non-Hindi speaking person who has been caught in the fraud called India? Not quite capisce, did you? Because you never considered this majority of minorities as Indians or Hindus to begin with…


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