Cool Stuff: Newsreels from 1947-1970s

A large collection of newsreels by British Pathe’ from YouTube. This is the stuff of grandfathers and legends.

Disclaimer: Contains propaganda 

Indian invasion of Kashmir October 27 1947

Nehru visits in 1947 to oversee fighting

Shows the post Indian invasion scenario in Kashmir. 1947

Shows Nehru taking a guard of honour after landing in Kashmir. 1948

Kashmir celebrates ‘Independence’ 1947

UN Mediator Dr Frank P.Graham flies into Kashmir 1951

First general elections in Kashmir 1957

Amarnath Yatra 1960 & 1927

Sheikh Abdullah leaves prison 1964

Capture of Haji Peer Pass during 1965 war

Ayub Khan on Kashmir 1965

Burning of 450 houses in Batamaloo by Indian Army 1965

Life in Kashmiri villages 1965

Story of Cashmere from Kashmir

Srinagar of 1974 shows its canals and waterways.


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