Offer Letter to the Indian Soldiers

Dear Indian soldier,

You have been posted to Srinagar as the symbol of our strength to maintain the occupation in Kashmir. You’ll be directed to the world’s largest military cantonment Badami Bagh. Here you’ll be instructed about your new licence i.e AFSPA that allows you to kill at will for sport or when you get scared.

You’re recommended to mutilate the faces of those who you kill beyond identification to make them Pakistani enough. Kashmir is known for its beauty and it’s not forbidden to assault, rape or even harass their women. Be free it’s how we break their resolve.

Here are the tasks that you’d need to accomplish:

1) Identification: Pick any Kashmiri and ask him to prove his
identity though he’s from there. It’s just to humiliate them.

2) Ransack during raids: When you feel like raiding a house, ransack everything that you can find.

3) Burn the houses: When you can’t catch the terrorist burn the houses down so that their resolve to protect the terrorists will break.

4) Kill list: Maintain a particular kill list. You can do this during protests if you are behind your peers. Shoot above the abdomen or use pellet guns to blind their eyes.

5) Torture manual: It’s provided in your kit and briefings. Please remain focused.

After you meet our criteria, you’ll be rewarded for each kill with handsome money. You’ll be given greater incentives for torture and sexual harassment. If you supersede your accomplishments, you’ll be rewarded with a bravery medal. Also media appearances with our PR media studios.

We can’t wait to see you.

The Indian Army.

P.S: please watch primetime news shows and also Bollywood movies on Kashmir for your education on our development of this territory.

p.s again: Free plots when you are done is currently under process.


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