Invisible prison

Three days
I am cut from the world
The air reeks smells
of prison cell
surrounded by invisible
barb wire
a leash around my neck
choking me
breath by breath

My voice shut
by an invisible black rope
I can see but I can’t speak
I can’t narrate the ordeals
Of my people

I am a story teller
I have stories in my heart
But to tell them
It needs my tongue to speak
My tongue has been shut
To speak the unspoken

Midnight in Srinagar
stars I can’t see
neither can I witness the moon
maybe the clouds have turned dark
this open air prison has been turned
Into a prison after all

I reach for you
I remember your laughter
your sighs and silk laden smile
I feel your voice echoing within me
they are encrypted with
trembling heart beats and long deep sighs
I know this language
I feel heavy

I wake up in the middle of the night
Wondering for my incarcerated voice
My heart screams
each of invisible shackle
but there’s nobody to hear my voice

Window panes are being bombed
tiny droplets of rain
drawing abstracts
I see your face in it
I move my finger around the dripping droplet
I draw your face
the darkness has become my canvas
and the rain turns into your voice

In the midst of two heartbeats
I reach out for you
And the strength to break these chains
The night is getting darker
I turn away from the canvas
Half drawn eyes of yours
carry the light of the lamp far away

Dawn beckons


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