Curious Case of Lunatic Nationalism

“You’re suffering from Lunatic nationalism” words of Sajad Lone to Arnab Goswami, 2010.

Over the past week, India has boiled into a bitter dish of nationalism mixed with pungency and the fight to reclaim democratic space. While the gods in media lead the front in providing certificates of patriotism and treachery in wholesale.

Anniversary of Afzal Guru was held at the Jawahar Lal Nehru University in New Delhi, which led to sloganeering on Kashmir’s freedom struggle and calling the hanging as a judicial murder.

In this environment of hate and intolerance, the Hindu bigots turned into their super villain avatar of uncouth goons. The videos of the slogans surfaced on prime time television (Kashmir bashing being the most sought TRP for media sharks) and all hell broke lose.

Umar Khalid a post doctoral student in JNU, defended Kashmir’s struggle for freedom and called Afzal Guru hanging a murder on national television. That obviously didn’t go well with upholders of imperialist India and supporters of Hindutva Zionism.

Now he’s a wanted terrorist. For some gullible to propaganda, a Kashmiri terrorist (he’s Indian FYI).

He carries a Muslim name, refuses to cower down to brahminic hegemony and has the gall to call spade a spade. He’s being hounded because he called out the Indian occupation of Kashmir, he took on the might of hate in the form of a verbal diarrhea Mr. Arnab Goswami and he stuck to his ground until he went underground.

If Kanhaiya Kumar was beaten up, Umar Khalid would be lynched to death. What the Indian media don’t realise is that they have made him an icon. At least for Kashmiris, he’s what they always have wanted Indians to be.

Today there is a great stress on the taxpayer’s money. That how JNU is a loss for all that money spent on them. But do the Indians question about their taxpayer’s money when it comes to their army raping, massacring, torturing Kashmiris on a massive scale?

Do they bother how their taxpayer’s money is being used to pillage Manipur and it’s people? Do they realise they are actually paying for a genocide?

Though now all this hullabaloo has put Kashmir to the backseat. Now the fight is between the right up against the centre and the left. People stand up for JNU as it’s been made out as a frontier against right wing mob mentality.

But they forget that supporting Umar Khalid is not what he wanted. He wanted Indians to stand up for what is right. For the Kashmiris and look beyond the illusion of national interest. Will the Indians take notice of his ideas? Or will he be just a name on the poster.

Probably out of the habit of balancing act, the appropriation of Kashmir’s freedom anthem Azadi is being made out to be Azadi from casteism and world trade organisation. Hilarious.

Leaving that aside for a moment, the Indians however small in number do stand up for Kashmiris through whatever their perspectives are, be it a leftist ideology or a revolutionary one. But the Pakistanis don’t give a damn about Kashmir. In universities, there are hardly any programmes led by students on Kashmir.

Can a Pakistani student call for Kashmir’s independence? Or has he taken that for granted that the mullahs and government is doing something (god knows what) who cares? That’s a debate for another day.

Meanwhile closer to home, Kashmir University is flooded with campus police and spies. The surveillance is suffocating. The Kashmir University Students Union’s office stands demolished and the organisation banned.

The liberals in India never stood up for those students in Kashmir who are being jailed for upholding the right to self determination.

Crushing the dissent in Kashmir is all good in the name of national interest. But in JNU it is an outrage.

Kashmir commands solidarity not pity or sympathy. If you have the latter, you can keep it to yourselves. We are better off fighting alone.


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