Quran in Kashmiri Language

In 1925, student of the Dar ul uloom Deoband seminary, Mohammad Yusuf Shah (1892-1962) under the tutelage of of an eminent Islamic scholar Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri had translated the Holy Quran into Kashmiri.

You can listen to it here.

He belonged to the illustrious family of the Mirwaiz.

In 1931, he took over as the Mirwaiz (head preacher) of Kashmir’s Muslim population. He also founded Muslim Conference, Kashmir’s first political party.

Later exiled in 1947, he became the President of Azad Kashmir. You can read more here. He’s also the only Kashmiri who has led prayers at the Holy Kaba’a.

Bayanul Quran or Koshur Quran as it’s locally known is one of the most renowned literature in Kashmiri Language. You can browse it here.

You can also download the Quran in pdf.


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