Bashira: Mr Wonderful Flower Man


Bashira always sang to me as often as he spoke in a conventional way. When he came to my houseboat during the production and started singing I knew I had to film him- as a cultural reality and as a great fellow.. not as an object of exploitation or such. I’m still very moved by this genuine and lovely, real man. I hope my video has been seen in the respectful, empathetic way I hoped it would.

John Halpern, Director of the Wonderful Flower Man


Bashira is a famous flowerman found in the Dal, oaring around the lake that is the source of income for thousands of Kashmiris. He presents the situation for a flowerseller one of many components of the Dal socio-economics. Bashira hasn’t studied high school, but his warm interactions with tourists for the last many decades has developed his English. Like many other people who earn from the tourists who have developed their English through interactions. People like Bashira are the ambassadors of Kashmir whose warmth becomes a source of cultural diplomacy with the entire world.


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