Nothing is built to last, even occupations

Hundreds of years ago, the Mughals in Kashmir built the gardens bordering the Dal. Thinking that there imperialist empire that occupied Kashmir would last forever. They consolidated the occupation with ministers, numberdars… (bureaucrats)

Couple of centuries later, the powerful Durranis broke the Mughal Occupation, with an occupation of their own. They built the Fort which is atop of Koh e Maran, again using the example of their predecessors, they consolidated their occupation through bureaucrats. Thinking that they would last long.

Then the British came, and sold us in what could be the biggest slave trade day in the history of mankind. The vassals Dogras became the new occupiers.

They brutalised the valley which led to the exile of hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris to what is known as Pakistan. The famines that killed thousands more due to their policies. (read Mridu Rai’s Hindu Rulers Muslim subjects)

When Kashmir was subjected to a genocide and subsequent bloody partition of their country. They were taken over by new occupiers.

The military complex of India is unfathomable for a valley like ours. The massive army cantonments, the ammunition, the number of armed personnel (almost a million), the structures and the planning for next ten years.

Just like the predecessors who occupied this country for the last 500 years, they consolidated their occupation through bureaucracy which is counter-revolutionary.

They too think their might and power cannot be defeated by the people who have resisted for five centuries.

But they forget an important lesson, nothing lasts forever, even the most brutal occupation. The Mughal Gardens, the Durrani Fort, the Institutions; the very land where you walk is a witness to this brutal history.

Be on the right side of the history, and you’re answerable not just to the Almighty but to the generations that would witness the dawn of the promised day. On that day, no justifications and no amount of intellectual bullshit can exonerate you.

C’esta la vie


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