What would happen if Kashmir leaves India

In 1947, when the will of the people of Jammu Kashmir was known, RSS marauders with the help of Patiala Army (a defacto part of Indian Army) massacred 237,000 people in Jammu, in what is deemed to be a genocide.

Britain, the former colonial masters of erstwhile India, has had two referendums in as many years. While as Kashmir Dispute, the gift of the partition, has been promised a referendum 68 years ago, cannot have a single one because of the post-colonial scum that has us occupied.

A scenario, When Kashmir leaves India in a referendum:

1) The exit from a terrible and inhuman occupation, will not just a momentous joy, it will be therapeutic for the people of Kashmir.

2) No conflict zone, with no foreign military presence, Kashmir will finally be open to international investments. Meaning, more industries that will bring more jobs, and create international exposure for indigenous industries to develop.

3) First International Airport opens. Finally Kashmiris will not have to go through 21 security checks at the Indian Airbase. Kashmir will finally be an international tourist destination, where in direct flights land in Srinagar.

4) We will have our own cricket and football team. It will suck, i am sure for some time, but believe cheering for our own with that slick dark humour is worth all the losses.

5) Government employees will have to rehabilitated into skill centres, where they will have to be trained on how to actually run things around.

6) Open trade routes with Central Asia and Russia. We don’t have to ship through Bombay anymore.

7) The collaborators and former rulers will prosecuted in international war-crimes tribunal at the Hague. Can’t wait for the day when Omar Abdullah, Mufti Syed (posthumously) and other of their ilk will sit in the Hague where Milosevic, and Mladic sat.

8) DNA testing for all those in Kashmir’s mass graves, finally our mothers and their families will obtain closure.

9) We will have our own national anthem, on the beats of Santoor, Rabab and Saz-e-Kashmir. Finally something to cheer to. No journalist will leave the venue in protest anymore.

10) NHPC will lost almost half of its revenue, the India’s version of East India Company will pack its bags.

11) The poor of India will finally have hope, as the billions of dollars pumped in Kashmir to maintain its occupation will finally be pumped into its economy.

12) We will have our own passports and I don’t have to hide my passport anymore at the airports.

13) No more streets named after tyrants and collaborators, We won’t have a Hari Singh Street named after a man who killed hundreds and thousands of Muslims in Jammu

14) No more chopper journalists, and no more shouting Arnab Goswami shouting on your screen.

15) No more, “I am not Indian or Pakistani, I am from Kashmir, you know a disputed territory between India and Pakistan?… and no more, “Shah Rukh Khan, Jab tak hai Jaan.. yeah i know Kashmir” it will change to “I am from Kashmir, you know? “Yeah it was on the news, Congratulations.”

But only if the world’s largest democracy had the balls…


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