Srinagar is in the state of a Srinagarrison. On my way to Jamia Masjid, there are checkpoints. Indian soldiers and Kashmir militia on the patrol,Β  tense, their faces fallen, their heads tossing around everytime a young Kashmiri passes by. Bullet proof jackets, combat gear and armed to the teeth.

This is no security force, it’s a force that wants to remind people that we occupy and you are bound to be frightened.

Tonight like many other nights, a young Kashmiri is a suspect.

As I make my way back home, two youngsters speed past a checkpoint, even after a show of arms by the militia. They don’t halt even though commanded to in a loud voice. This generation of Kashmiris have no fear.

8 Indian soldiers dead, two armed fighters flee as two other armed fighters shot dead in return fire.

Night is solemn, tonight is an escape. My city is a garrison, we live to see another day of occupation. Only the last day of occupation will be the first day of our peace.

Tonight is a sigh, a prayer.


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