My fingers run across a map and they bleed

My fingers ran through the edges of these lines
Mapping my memory of spilled blood
Baghdad, Damascus, Anfal
We rise against darkness only to fall
Karachi, Homs, Srinagar
A world held hostage by a trigger

My virtual life flooded with obituaries
Pray for Istanbul, Pray for Gaza…
Pray that my prayers outlast the prayed for:
There are burnt children in front of my eyes
Helplessly I quiver a sigh, a like will never be my closure

My head is spinning, faster than the earth
Darkness is reigning over our hearts
We lose our humanity,
senseless deaths do us part

My thoughts as incorrigible as this poem
Death has become a statistic
“120 killed… ” Share the news
A million views, later
I still fight a battle with the hater

My Ummah is not nations and tribes
It is the echoes of mournful silence
A bloodied map that runs beyond borders

Dhaka, Sopore, Hama, Mogadishu, Beirut, Fallujah, Ahwaz, Lahore, Kabul
Khwajalay, Halabcha, Sana’a, Sarajevo…

My geography fails the epitaphs of my decapitated limbs
No bandaids of peace can ever stick these gaping wounds,
Hold my hands and pray
“With hardship there is ease”
A promise that Almighty will keep


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